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Ornaments wants to modernize the ear impaling know for Gen Z teens

A startup announced Studs wants to reinvent the ear-piercing experience for Generation Z. Today, purchasers only have two options to choose from when they want their ears perforated — the traditional” plaza piercing” event that uses perforating guns often exerted by novices, or professional thrust parlors whose wide range of services often is an indication […]

The wins of The Europas Awards 2019 display Europe’s continuing diversity and desire

The Europas Awards for European Tech Startups came around again last week( Thursday 27 th June ), and once again proved that Europe’s enormous diversity in startups continues to shine through on the world stage. Once again TechCrunch was the exclusive media sponsor of the apportions, alongside new” tech, culture& civilization” contest inventor The Pathfounder. […]

Facebook adds A.I. to Marketplace for categorization, price suggestions and soon, visual inquiry

Facebook is celebrating the two-year anniversary of its Craigslist competitor, Facebook Marketplace, with the launching of brand-new features powered by A.I. Specific, the social network says it’s lending cost reach the proposals and auto-categorization peculiarity to acquire exchanging easier, and it says it’s testing camera features that would use A.I. to shape concoction recommendations. Automating […]

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