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‘ A crusade for the spirit of America ‘: Barbra Streisand takes on Trump- and she’s not kidding about

She has long spoken out against the present US president, but with her brand-new music, Streisand has declared an all-out battle. If anyone has a big enough expression to be heard, its her … In 2016, Barbra Streisand wrote a column for the Huffington Post in which she criticized the then-presidential nominee Donald Trump. He […]

Douglas Coupland:’ I’m actually at my happiest when I’m writing on an aircraft’

No more clock-based passivity from the novelist, who interrupted a 20 -year routine with a decision to embrace the unpredictable I used to be a penalty morning writer, but in the spring of 2010 I was inspecting a router-making facility in Shanghais Pudong district and evidenced thousands of workers in robins egg blue-blooded jumpsuits constructing […]

Search Party: how the hipster noir obtains a style to surprise in season two

The breakout dark comedy notes a room to top its first season, adding sardonic undercurrents to a propulsive and mysterious plotline After a humorou, suspenseful, tightly schemed first season, Search Party, the ever-inventive millennial slaying riddle, looked down a predicament faced by numerous television substantiates whose first batch of episodes provisions a clear, satisfactory and […]

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