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Kim Kardashian Posts Photos Of Her Mansion And It’s So Empty, People Start Hilariously Roasting It

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a very rich couple who can afford a very expensive mansion. The pair- who live with their four children- acquired their current dwelling for $20 million in 2013 before starting extravagant renovations which continued for four years. Kris Jenner later tweeted that the property is now worth $60 million. […]

30 Historically Accurate Miniature Rooms That This Artist Builds On A 1:12 Scale

“When creating my miniature articles, the process can take from one month to virtually two years to create a single piece, ” this is what professional miniature artist Chris Toledo of Toledo Miniatures told Bored Panda about his finely-detailed, expertly-crafted 1:12 magnitude historic building interiors. Chris has the perseverance of a saint and the focus […]

‘ Please Hate These Things :’ This Instagram Account Is Heaven For Those Looking For The Worst Home Design Ideas( 40 Pics)

Pinterest is great for brainchild when creating interior design for the home, but it also has a lot to answer for. Because some people take their creative notions path more far, and end up with monstrosities like you’ll find below. This list, collected by a popular Instagram account announced Please Hate These Things , is […]

These 21 Builds By Architect Frank Gehry Actually Exist And They Look Like They Are From A Sci-Fi Movie

In the world of building, there has been a strong storm coming from Canada and USA since the early 1960 s. It was a strong cultural troop, that pushed through substantiated, conventional standards of architecture like a tornado, but a tornado which not only destroyed the old and boring but likewise has established and devised. […]

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