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Interior Design — Tips & Tricks For Decorating A Small Studio Apartment

Where there aren't areas, phony them! On, Joel Bray shows that a little bachelor home could be separated up right into functional "rooms". See just how he layered in storage-smart furniture, diverse art, vintage locates and also a cohesive colour palette making the most of a 350-square-foot room.

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  1. #Amateur

  2. very well done….I am literally taking notes on paper with pen. lol

    1. Karla Dreyer Design

      +Charmaine Blake Some great tips here for sure!

  3. In my studio I substitute the bed for a futon. Great idea!

  4. to mi you are the best i adore your style 😍💧👍👍👍👍

  5. Really fabulous. Love that cleaning wouldn’t be an issue cos everything is
    easily moved – there’s not too much stuff crammed in to move for cleaning
    around like some designers do. Love the colours, and that the drapes create
    a sense of continuity and space still. Love the sisal rug creating warmth
    and texture but not taking up visual space. Love this channel! Learning and
    taking notes for my future little (not quite tiny), home! =)

  6. He’s really good. Well done :-)

  7. Great job! Excellent!

    1. Karla Dreyer Design

      +Shannon Davidson I agree – some great tips!

  8. Karla Dreyer Design

    Great tips!

  9. “Tiny studio apartment” I live in an 92 square foot apartment. I dream of a
    mansion like this.

    1. Omg, where do you live?! Is 92 sq feet even legal??

    2. +Lynette Lison I live in Seoul.

    3. #Loai Rady to mi you are the best i adore your style 😍💧👍👍👍👍 @Mermaid

  10. Can you please let me know what color is the paint for the walls.? I love
    it and would love to paint my room in that soft gray.

  11. Bravo. Well done.

  12. This is my favorite room dec. video. The perfect amount of decoration while
    still keeping a Parisian wink.

  13. Such a great space

  14. Damn Joel u did that

  15. I love the bed

  16. #Antonio Torcasio +Charmaine Blake Some great tips here for sure! @Brand

  17. Still one of my favourite decorating videos on YouTube

  18. I both love and hate this space. I love the style and how there are so many
    places to sit but I hate how there’s so much going on. I think I would have
    preferred less on the dresser and gotten rid of canopy bed frame. I would
    have probably combined the kitchen and living area so less pieces could be
    used. All of these things going on is too much for my brain to process. I
    guess I go for more of a calming effect in my home and this studio, while
    beautiful, does not calm me.

  19. I don’t like the map. I think it looks dingy! Everything else, however, is

  20. I really love this space, but this is the way I decorate. I know it’s not a
    lot of people’s style, but I love a lot of things that have meaning to me.
    That’s what makes me feel at home.

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