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On, Toronto digital photographer Tara McMullen as well as developer Tiffany Pratt flaunt Tara's bright condominium in the Distillery Area. At much less than 600 square feet, the builder-basic condominium needed a strike of individuality as well as a functional format. Learn Tiffany's methods for visually increasing a small space with white epoxy floors, creating a dining location for amusing, showcasing vintage family members treasures as well as transforming a small den into a cosy living room.

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  1. Do you really need a designer to change a high end look into a dorm room?
    She removed the ceiling finish to expose patched concrete, took off kitchen
    hardware and installed ropes, tore up finished wood flooring because
    painted concrete is so much better — what?! And topped it all off with
    unframed photos thumb-tacked to the wall.

    1. +meme last Maybe she never had the full college dorm experience? I did, and
      I’d never want to go back 😉 When I see the rope handles, all I think about
      is bacteria.

    2. +meme last OMG! So true! It does look like a dorm room. The kitchen and
      hardwood floors in the before kitchen look way better. And the stark white
      floor + white walls + white furniture makes the place feel so sterile.

      That said, it’s s a nice fancy home. I got some good ideas for decor.

    3. Exactly what i was thinking! She hired a designer for this?

  2. I absolutely love this space!

  3. That view is gorgeous??!

  4. Wonderful wonderfulness! love the mix of old and new !

  5. This is so cool! I love getting ideas for smaller spaces :)

  6. white floors!hhhh gross

  7. Love it

  8. it feels more like an after to before for me

  9. She look alike Kristin wigg

  10. Love it. it has so much character, history, yet modern.

  11. The mirror idea in the bathroom… Amazing!

    1. I wonder how they hung the mirrors on top of the mirror?

  12. This place is GORGE!

  13. Love: The gallery walls and how the items from her Grandma are being
    displayed. That warmed my heart. Beautiful bathroom and bedroom Not a fan
    of the rope pulls but with everything else being so lovely, that’s no
    biggie in my book. Very nice space and she’s seems so happy with it!

    1. I had the same thought…loved everything but the ropes.

  14. That white floor made a huge difference.. luv your style!

  15. Love the main space as a dining room choice and den nook

  16. that is a huge space

  17. love it!!

  18. This house looks more Lesbian, and not girly as she stated before!

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