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Interior Design Tips – Making the Top of a TV Lift Cabinet by Jon Peters

The TV lift cabinet is actually collaborating, as well as in this video clip, we'll service making the top. I made use of Sapele Wood, which is a wonderful difficult timber that is becoming increasingly more preferred and also is evocative mahogany.

This project is funded by TVLiftCabinet.com:

Store Jon Peters:


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  1. nice looking top but I was wondering why you didn’t use hidden hinges for
    the door ?

    1. +Duncan Taylor Was wondering the same thing.

    2. Good work…anyways…but as you said before: Why no hidden hinges?
      It would look more elegance and more professionell with hidden ones !

  2. Airil Hafiiz Hasri

    would the door producing noises of the vibration by the sound system?

  3. beautifulmind cortez

    u did an awesome job

  4. how do you get into this kind of work is it schooling or experience?

  5. nao entendi nada

  6. Well done! Just one question: What you have used for wiping out glue in 2:20

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing??? Makes no sense to have hinges

  7. A home burglar will now have a difficult time taking off with the tv. Thats
    a Great idea, good job!👍

    1. Jon Peters Art & Home


  8. why do you have a shirt under your shirt o.O

  9. hi there like to now where u can buy the tv bracket to lift the tv out of
    the unit pls ??

  10. hay phết.

  11. 7:00 minute mark. This guy is a killer, I subbed just for his comedy

  12. Nice work!! 🍀

    1. Jon Peters Art & Home


  13. well done, beautiful work

  14. Bro that’s not a brad point drill bit, that’s a forstner bit

  15. That’s a beautiful piece of work, will it make a difference if the TV rose
    from the back edge cut out?.

  16. Like Tesla!

  17. thats a larger top than a video I saw recently-you didn’t have the wire
    holes in the first one. Anyway-could you make a larger cabinet and later on
    redo the top to put a larger TV in? I wouldn’t want to make a smaller
    cabinet and then have to make another when the TV is upgraded to a bigger

  18. RetroRick Netherlands

    I’m going to recreate this… when done I’ll show…nice…

  19. איתן הינדי

    I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would
    definitely pay to learn that from u and get suitable tips.

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