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Interior Design Tips – Making the Top of a TV Lift Cabinet by Jon Peters

The TV lift cabinet is actually collaborating, as well as in this video clip, we'll service making the top. I made use of Sapele Wood, which is a wonderful difficult timber that is becoming increasingly more preferred and also is evocative mahogany.

This project is funded by TVLiftCabinet.com:

Store Jon Peters:


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  1. nice looking top but I was wondering why you didn’t use hidden hinges for
    the door ?

    1. +Duncan Taylor Was wondering the same thing.

    2. Good work…anyways…but as you said before: Why no hidden hinges?
      It would look more elegance and more professionell with hidden ones !

  2. Airil Hafiiz Hasri

    would the door producing noises of the vibration by the sound system?

  3. beautifulmind cortez

    u did an awesome job

  4. how do you get into this kind of work is it schooling or experience?

  5. nao entendi nada

  6. Well done! Just one question: What you have used for wiping out glue in 2:20

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing??? Makes no sense to have hinges

      1. Garanto que no Período MIGUEL ARRAES vc não estava em PERNAMBUCO carissima Luciana Loyo! Nós servidores da saúde, não sentimos a menor falta do político, pedusgeiror e acomodado!

    2. Det är verkligen viktigt at ta reda på så mycket initrmaofon som möjligt när man skall renovera ett kök, även vi har funderat över att renovera köket

  7. A home burglar will now have a difficult time taking off with the tv. Thats
    a Great idea, good job!👍

    1. Jon Peters Art & Home


  8. why do you have a shirt under your shirt o.O

  9. hi there like to now where u can buy the tv bracket to lift the tv out of
    the unit pls ??

  10. hay phết.

  11. 7:00 minute mark. This guy is a killer, I subbed just for his comedy

  12. Nice work!! 🍀

    1. Jon Peters Art & Home


  13. well done, beautiful work

  14. Bro that’s not a brad point drill bit, that’s a forstner bit

  15. That’s a beautiful piece of work, will it make a difference if the TV rose
    from the back edge cut out?.

  16. Like Tesla!

  17. thats a larger top than a video I saw recently-you didn’t have the wire
    holes in the first one. Anyway-could you make a larger cabinet and later on
    redo the top to put a larger TV in? I wouldn’t want to make a smaller
    cabinet and then have to make another when the TV is upgraded to a bigger

  18. RetroRick Netherlands

    I’m going to recreate this… when done I’ll show…nice…

  19. איתן הינדי

    I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would
    definitely pay to learn that from u and get suitable tips.

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