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Interior Design — Smart Small-Space Renovation

On, see exactly how Colette Soros of Parliament Interiors changed a little and also tired Vancouver home into an open and also ventilated family room. Find out just how the home's areas were reconfigured to take full advantage of living space in a hectic house with 3 kids and also a dog.

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  1. This is a small space? What a joke.

  2. super like, I love clutter free home.

    1. 행복 who doesn’t

  3. Looks like a nice space to visit. I can’t understand the north American
    obsession with having two sitting rooms- is it a heat concern, one above
    stairs and one below?

    1. In North America, if the space allows it, it is very popular to have a
      “formal sitting room” (for entertaining guests) and a “family room/TV room”
      (more casual, for watching TV and playing games). In some homes these rooms
      are literally side-by-side. I don’t understand either, but I guess if you
      have the space, why not? You can make a mess of the family room and not
      have to clean it up when guests come over 😛

  4. I love the yellow door so nice next too that pretty light gray color and
    the glass table and the kitchen was so pretty and they deck God I love
    everything in this house

  5. Am I the only one who loved that there was so much white? It looks so much
    more spacey and minimal

    1. No, you are not alone, I love white in the home. As you say it makes the
      home so light, airy & very stylish & it is easy to add pops of colour.

    2. +Crystalclear Skies exactly! You can make it personal by putting in your
      own little colorfull stuff

  6. I love it, how they call something big small-space.

  7. But it’s not a small space, it’s huge.

    1. It’s the camera lens being used.

  8. she’s a great decorator. Love her taste in everything.

  9. Actually the colors are pretty safe colours. Actually being Indian I think
    most western design are very conservative and take very little risk and
    play it very safe

    1. It’s better to play it safe than to have an ugly home.

  10. Being in Hawaii, this is so far my favorite because the house maximized the
    small space by utilizing the outdoors.

    1. Querida Mo

  11. Love this house. Colette has great taste and the home is not only beautiful
    but seems very comfortable.

  12. Can anyone tell me the size of that dining table?

  13. love your house! clean white & airy!

  14. Wow! This is home is an inspiration!

  15. If this is small, my place is miniscule!

  16. What white are the walls? Can you please provide brand and code?

  17. Nice- great style n taste

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