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How to Choose Paint Colors

Selecting paint colors for your residence could be quite a difficulty. Find out suggestions for picking the excellent shade that's right for you as well as your area from professional indoor developer, Noelle Parks. More "ways to repaint" details might be discovered at.


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  1. Dunn-Edwards Paints

    The green color used in the bedroom at 1:16 is DE5561 Lazy Caterpillar and
    the trim and ceiling color is DEW325 Vanilla Shake.

    1. +Dunn-Edwards Paints The challenge is how can you order a paint called Lazy
      Caterpillar and be taken seriously? 😀

  2. it’s nice

  3. Thanks! Really Helped! xx

  4. I’m terrible with colour and usually stick to beiges. This tutorial helped
    me a lot.
    Thank you.

  5. I’m unfamiliar with this brand but the video helped me, thank you!

  6. Thank you very much for your great advice!

  7. tnx… its rely hlpd….

  8. I want to do all walls light grey and then one orange statement wall

  9. i have a palette picked out for my home but idk WHERE to put all of them!!
    please help. ..i have chosen lime, plum, aqua, dark teal, a pale gray and a
    very dark (almost black) gray. i want to put the aqua and plum in the
    dining room. the lime and teal in the kitchen. and the grays in the rest of
    the house…will that look too busy? :/

  10. +Olivia Paz thanks! My two choices are now NEON green and a lighter yellow!
    And if I get neon green my choices for my furniture and stuff like that
    will be white and neon and if I get yellow it will be yellow and white!

  11. very useful informative video …. excellent presentation in a simple
    language…. thanks

  12. You can also use a new portable tool called Color Muse ($49 on Amazon)

  13. Sound advice. I really liked what you said. Very informative.

  14. Helpful video, thank you, and Noelle Parks is very attractive!

  15. the greenish color on the wall behind you in the video, can you please tell
    me what color that is?

    1. Dunn-Edwards Paints

      The wall color behind Noelle is Dusty Dream DE6312.

    2. thank you!

  16. I have big brown furniture in my small room. Idk what color i should use

    1. Dunn-Edwards Paints

      You can find some of our most popular colors on our website:

  17. I love all your videos

  18. Are stained kitchen cabinets in vogue or painted ?

    1. Dunn-Edwards Paints

      Painted kitchen cabinets are definitely trending, especially in rich hues
      like gray or blues with gray undertones.

    2. Thanks. I saw some grayish blue cabinets with white granite and they looked
      awesome. . my granite is a weird blackish blue ..should i opt for white
      cabinets or grey or blue. I am trying to sell the house. Can i email you a
      picture of my kitchen ?

    3. Dunn-Edwards Paints

      Can you send a Google Images link that shows something similar to your
      kitchen granite? Or, you can send us a message through our Facebook:

  19. my mom just painted all the rooms blue because she likes blue hahaa

    1. SodaPopJX LoL what about you room?

  20. Neil Jou Productions

    So true about the meaning of the colors! Thank you! #paint #colors

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