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NEW 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Sound – Test Drive 2016 – Acceleration – Interior

NEW 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Sound – Test Drive 2016 – Acceleration – Interior video clip

2017 Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 Acceleration Sound – Test Drive 2016 – Interior and Exterior layout video clips – pictures/ images/ photos/ pictures
ALL-NEW Lamborghini Centenario 2016/ 2017/ 2018 Test Drive – Acceleration Noise – Interior design video
NEW 2016 Lamborghini Centenario Driving 2016 – Acceleration – Interiors – Exhaust Audio video clips – Sports automobiles
New 2017 Lambo Centenario LP770-4 Acceleration Audio
New 2017 Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 Interior
New 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Test Drive
New 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Velocity
ALL-NEW Lambo Centenario 2016/ 2017/ 2018
Fastest vehicle in the world 2016
Expensive car 2016/ 2017
New Cars 2016/ 2017/ 2018 video clips
Supercars 2016/ 2017/ 2018 video clips


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  1. the music is trash

    1. +Markus Hippe Ü

    2. nayzerie that’s just funny

  2. No thanks. I’ll just get a Gallardo for $90,000 and then go to Underground
    Racing with it. Save a small fortune and have a better car.

    1. Walper, you have a 2.0 litre Z4 with 800 bhp, I’ve got a 1974 Austin Mini
      with 1001bhp.

    2. Z4? …I don’t have a BMW

    3. E85, BMW Z4 2003- 2009.

    4. E85 is a Fuel type that allows for more boost without detonation. You are
      not a mechanic are you?

  3. Really UGLY.

    1. You bet my 2011 Prius is much much better 😉

    2. +Sir Rui Amaral hands down, easily…

    3. The centenario is a good looking car with more power and speed!!!! Keep
      your bad comments to yourself.How would you felt if you were called ugly.

    4. Same with you bro. How would you felt if you were called ugly!!!!

  4. i adore that interior… this is a beautifull inside of a car.

    1. What do you want more? its italian shitty build quality….

    2. +notircm
      maybe, but compared to 90% of the cars on the road, it is still luxurious…

    3. +Jörgen Börg As beaty, the luxury is subjective too

    4. +notircm
      that’s true…

  5. ozijay3000.vs.Aliens

    *This car wasn’t built in a day,* she must certainly have passed through
    the eyes, and scrutiny of professionals before the actual decision to mass
    What do you critics know?
    *I think it is super cool.*

    1. its not a prototype bro, its a small produktion car.

    2. ozijay3000.vs.Aliens

      +JP s Now I can’t understand you.

    3. did you mean a limited edition car ?

    4. ozijay3000.vs.Aliens

      +myurizco hp Limited edition but it’s sold out.

    5. I like it too 🤒

  6. is better be dipped in fucking gold for 2.5 million

    1. dipped in carbon fibre

    2. Gold is just over-valued metal. This is a work of art.

    3. dipped in a bucket of ugly

    4. I feel like every time somebody says something is a work of art its usually
      ugly as hell

    5. all matter of perspective my friend

  7. Haha dear Lamborghini.. I’m a huge fan… But combining a Diablo. A hurican
    and a Aventador into one car doesn’t make a stunning car… It looks pretty
    disgusting… All the interior looks like it’s straight from the Aventador
    .. Seriously disgusting car…

    1. +Romario Smith For u is nice or ugly?

    2. finally some one think like me

    3. Massey “Massey4Business” Forbusiness

      So if someone can’t afford one and obviously can’t buy, they’re NOT a fan?
      Is that what you’re saying? That doesn’t make sense.

    4. Dill n Pickle

  8. Very nice in the front, very nice on the sides, drug test and sack whoever
    designed the rear!

    1. nah, Lambo’s are all about over the top & weird, its good to see more
      italian “madness” influence again vs being an AUDI R8 with *some* italian

    2. agree ugly as hell.
      they should kick the designer right away

    3. rominport rominport

      Patrik Gårdewall

    4. Diffusers increase downforce at the cost of drag they don’t reduce drag,
      they induce vortices and turbulence to suck the car into the ground, hence
      why ferraris are equipped with flaps on the diffuser that lie flat when
      accelerating to reduce the drag

  9. Umm, no. I still prefer the Aventador SV.

    1. That car has no Lamborghini in it whatsoever. Murciélagos do

    2. aventador = fragile, milky, not have spirit.

    3. Same I liked the Lamborghini aventador sv. But I would also like to buy the
      centenario too. If it would cost the same price as the aventador sv.

  10. Lambo design starting to go downhill

    1. Pregador W. Safadão


    2. That’s only for ricers/import racers because the car doesn’t hold up by
      itself. A beautiful car stands alone

    3. FalconGamer58 //FG58

      +3089280288 ok

    4. Domenica Stephanie Molina Valera

      Brandonbraun de

  11. this car is an eargasm and an eyegasm in one

    1. +skating 4 life the tail looks like a money designed it but the rest😍

    2. That would be an allgasm.

  12. Campared to Koenigsegg, cheap.

    1. More like Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy but yeah.

    2. I think the “plastic” comments maybe are more directed to the interior..
      where if one was to cover up the Lambo logos … it really doesn’t have any
      lambo signature styling or look special, or much different than cars
      costing far less, …. basically, it’s no Pagani inside. Considering most
      people buy these cars mainly for appearance (sad, but true), this cosmetic
      stuff matters to them … those buyers will never drive the car fast enough
      or on a track to even begin to comprehend what the all carbon fiber is for.

    3. Wow that is mean. Lamborghini makes really good cars!!!!

  13. What?! Gasoline engine?? No, thank you! I don’t need this thing…

    1. +Felix van Riessen Gurung Sure global warming might be something to worry
      about but what I’m thinking is that this whole thing about making cars good
      voor the envirement is just another hype.


    3. Felix van Riessen Gurung

      +YYEEEAAA hype, but why? no one even likes electric cars, why would there
      be hype for something we all hate? and who created the hype and why?

    4. +Felix van Riessen Gurung Bussines motherfuckers.

  14. Really really ugly car, i prefer Ferrari Berlinetta.

    1. You literally just said everyone has a personal taste in cars.. then
      proceeded to say it was ugly. see the irony?

    2. +saucymace25 Right on sir.

    3. I preffer Ford GT90 lol

    4. ƉǤ Ɖоԍαи ŦV

      Araba Araba Da Alacak para yok

  15. At 5:19 when the wing goes up, the left side stops but the right side keeps
    going up. It costs $2.3M, but can’t get the wing actuator engineered right.

    1. +crossplane m1 Concorde had one crash and they banned it. Yeah but for what
      your paying i would expect a lot more.

    2. ”but for what your paying i would expect a lot more”’..thats exactly what
      all concorde’s passengers were expecting..they expected that they must be
      safer because they paid more for a trip with the concorde but unfortunatley
      they all died the same as on a normal airliner

    3. crossplane m1 hono.

    4. Concorde was never banned. They continued flying for a few years after the
      crash. They stopped flying them because maintenance on the aging fleet was
      getting too expensive. At the time of retirement, the fleet was getting to
      be about 25-30 years old depending which one, and thats about the life span
      of an airliner.

  16. A half century later…And they still can’t match the ruggedly handsome

    1. +Karsten Siegmarsson Exactly… The mind set behind the brutally gorgeous
      Miura is dead and gone. I too have a problem with the LCD game console
      junk…Case in point, I’ve been driving a 16′ Honda Civic that at a quick
      glance I cannot decipher how much fuel is in the tank. The LCD displays of
      today’s vehicles are just as dangerous (If not more) as texting while

    2. Exactly. Glass cockpits are for airplanes. Give me back my knobs, switches,
      and buttons so I don’t have to look down when I’m driving.


    1. Ahhahahaha bullshit.

    2. I’d say the Zonda Revolution 😉

    3. +Mach that one as well the *RevoluCion*

    4. Bro the koenigsegg is way better than the zonda. Plus the Lamborghini
      centenario is an amazing car.

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