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Woman’s half-bedroom apt has awesome design – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

Many thanks to some actually cutting-edge, intelligent and also passionate design choices, Jen Chu's 1/2 bed room apartment or condo emit's favorable power and takes care of to really feel comfy rather than comfortably portable.

SMALL ECLECTIC OUTSTANDING SPACES is a show concerning little rooms with large layout as well as individuals that put their eye for interior decoration to function as well as create genuinely unique, remarkable and useful locations to live and function.

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  1. That’s a walk-in closet!

    1. Or somewhere around 1000 bucks in New York.

    2. RenceBence you are correct..that space she rent is over $1000 a month!..ny

  2. I want to see her sleep on that bed. Girl, you are in somebody’s closet.

    1. She would obviously lay sideways to make it a normal length bed.

    2. Natalie Bazil and she paying over $1000 or better for that matchbox,NY is
      expensive to live

  3. Wow! Very clever!

  4. I love it!!! how much I wonder would this apartment cost?

    1. Adalis Pabon that matchbox is more them $1000 a month..and I speak of just
      the room she’s in.

  5. I wanna see wat her roommates space looks like

  6. This Lady has the most amazing taste and style , what genius to make such a
    tiny place have so much class !!! Wonderful .

  7. this is nothing.. seach for Hong Kong cage home.

    1. I like to sit and eat

      Oh my gosh that looks terrible

  8. I can’t with these tiny homes. I need space to walk around in or I’ll go
    shack wacky.

  9. omg that earring and jewelry storage is amazing!

    1. what so damn amazing about it. She plays some cheap hooks on some paddle
      board on a wall and hunger earrings on it.

  10. it’s a typical nyc apartment. she is lucky she has a window with light.

    1. thanks for letting me know. I know I definitely never want to move to New
      York City after seeing this.

    2. haha, put me off too – she’s not a care-worker, she’s rich in terms of job
      and pay! What do garbage-workers live in?!

    3. +Josephine Winter garbage men have a union and make a lot of money. they
      probably make more than she does.

  11. My bed always serves as a huge chair, thats not multi-functional. Thats

    1. right?? that’s what i thought too. who DOESN’T use their bed as a chair

  12. It’s like a cute and cozy prison cell.

    1. Rent Is expensive In Us Ok.I Think You leave In another Planet Or Another

  13. I like the idea with the earrings!

  14. This is the perfect room for an independent woman who doesn’t need a man
    (or another woman).

    1. to pay the rent, she needs a richer flatmate to rent the full bedroom!

  15. poverty disguised as hip and cool

    1. Probably not with the things she owns. But even if so: What’s wrong about
      it? Poor people used to be ashamed of not being able to afford certain
      things and often avoid letting people into their home. Today, you can make
      it a life style, call yourself a minimalist and proudly show off what
      little you have. There’s nothing shameful about it!
      Also, most people do own way too much stuff. Someday, someone will have to
      clear their last living space out and most likely throw away most of it.
      Why not live frugally with what you love and can afford instead of paying
      rent for hoarding stuff that you have mostly forgotten about and only store
      out of habit?
      There’s an Ikea video on youtube with the “idea” of sharing an apartment by
      having bunk beds all around the living room wall with only a curtain for
      privacy. Now *that’s* some uncomfortable dressed up poverty if people are
      forced to live like that for a longer period.

  16. Amezing setup

  17. damn, bet her electric bill $20 a month!

  18. This is amazing!! So well done!

  19. Looks really good 🙂 I like it very much.

  20. That room look like same size my room ):/

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