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DIY Room Decor Ideas You Never Thought of! | Maybaby

Desire your room to appear like a tumblr photo? Here are the excellent Do It Yourself concepts for you!
my macbook, ipad + more giveaway!!:.

Today I show you Do It Yourself area decoration suggestions that economical and simple to earn plus ideal for teenagers!

apple iphone 6 Giveaway Rules (CLOSED!!!!) -I am currently arranging with comments as well as selecting the champion-.
– open 8 weeks.
– need to be subscribed to my channel:-RRB-.
– comment your favorite shade apple iphone situation!
– I'll choose the victor arbitrarily:-RRB-.
– phone version: apple iphone 6 gold 16gb.

November 15th – December 31st.
( only open for 6 weeks!).

Thanks for enjoying cuties … if you're reading this … remark" meg is diy queen'.


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  1. My fav color is blue so a blue case

    1. Purple and blue case!!!!!

    2. Kitty Kat Kitten omg she posted this 2 years ago 😆😔😢😢😢

    3. i want my phone case green (sea foam)

  2. Lovely Romena Darjee

    I score of your channel because you’re really amazing. I have an iPhone 6
    make color will be Yum blue 😀

    1. Lovely Romena Darjee your too late to enter now 😂😂

    2. did you win or something Izzy

    3. Jasmine Ahmad no but I wish I did x

  3. ashante sanguaisbear

    who is watching this in december 2016???

    1. ashante sanguaisbear lol

    2. nevember 2016 and now i cant get it

    3. ashante sanguaisbear noone

  4. meg is diy queen. I want a blue case signed by you!!!!😏😇😇

    1. olivia callahan i think she is a amazing diy queen 100 % agree

  5. who’s Watching On December 2016?

    1. +kawaii me

  6. 3:56 you sound like skipper from barbie life in the dreamhouse

    1. most Satisfiying what are you five? Watching Barbie

    2. Salty Angel no my sister watches it and i have no choice but i have to
      watch cuz she yakes the tv lol

    3. takes*

  7. good. work

  8. who is watching in 2017?

    1. Ski_linne Eyisce1226

      cutie pie me

    2. cutie pie me

    3. cutie pie ummmm yea

    4. cutie pie me

  9. my iphone fav color is Rose Gold or Gold.

  10. I would defo choose rose gold case xx

  11. i luv u and all your YouTube videos

  12. all the 5sos makes me soooo happpyyyyy

  13. I would have a light blue and a light pink case

  14. my color will be pink!

  15. I want a pink iphone case

  16. I died when 5sos social casualty played

  17. Orange case

  18. Jelly The Kawaii Pink Dino

    Your bids are SSOO good!! I’d Watch them EVERYDAY!!
    plus I’m a new subscriber 😝😝💓💓💓

  19. lolgirl100 babygirlryan

    I would have a purple

  20. I would have a pink case

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