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Interior Decorating | IKEA Small Spaces | Tiny Apartment | #3, Season 2

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Interior decoration, Tiny Home designing, Interior Decorating Suggestions, IKEA, Tiny Spaces, Small Apartment, Tiny Room decorating concepts, The Smallest Apartment Ever, Tiny House, The Itsy Bitsy Apartment with Massive Design Suggestions, How you can make a small area, Great small apartment on a tiny spending plan, Scott remembers just how he and Rebecca decorated his little 300 sq ft. house in Chicago in 2014. Rebecca as well as Greyson take off for another out of state task and also continue working with design plans for the resort in Utah as well as Robeson Design's version of "End ofthe world Preppers". Season 2 of Driven to Design is rupturing with fantastic Layout jobs servicing stunning homes, creating hotels, underground sanctuaries, roof leading balconies in deluxe homes, Recreation room, Living rooms, Cooking area styles, Bed room layouts, Area Tours and also more. Follow in addition to us for more remarkable Design Concepts each week as well as of course, even more family and also workplace shenanigans!

Rebecca shows you how to embellish with style on a budget using IKEA furniture.
Paint shades are thoroughly selected as well as positioning is well considered to maximize the area visually. Bold shade on the walls, also in a momentary room like a rented apartment can make all the distinction in the world! Use low-cost art items along with vivid books as well as devices can perk up a tiny area and add heat and also character to your residence. Mirrors on cupboards can make them "go away" aesthetically and also carefully selected furnishings pieces could include much needed storage space in a little home.

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Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All music is nobility cost-free by Premium Beats
and special music supplied by Jimmy Robeson


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  1. Its time for “Oldies But Goodies” from Robeson Design 🙂
    Watch this video for more Great Guys room INSPIRATION.
    Interior Design, Best IKEA Bedroom Decorating ideas

    1. nice

    2. Wow and Wow! You are such a cool ‘n hip mom and your son is so sweet. You
      just made me an IKEA fan forever.


    4. such a cute apartment, I’d love to move out and live in a place like that.

    5. KATHERINE DUONG (Homewisdom)

      How much does it cost for you to interior design an 1800 sqft 4 bed, 2bath
      and living room? Thanks

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    1. I saw you using a software program on your laptop in the airplane putting
      designs together for a house. What program is it? Or what program can you
      recommend for someone like me who cant afford to higher an interior
      designer and who loves to diy?

    2. Oh wow you are amazing

  3. I’m a interior design student and you are my role model♡

    1. +Edith Núñez
      Well thank you for the nice compliment. I wish you well in your studies 🙂

  4. Very nice! The only thing that seemed weird was the floor shelves behind
    the sectional couch. the bottom shelves are not even accessible. Maybe some
    nice hanging shelves instead so the couch can be against the wall and give
    that room a more open feeling, and more storage/deco display

    1. +jemohseni
      Good attention to detail Jemohseni! The issue was a floor radiator that was
      in the way of pushing the sofa all the way to the wall. The narrow bookcase
      filled in the awkward space left and provided a flat surface for the sofa.
      We knew the bookcase would not be easily accessible so we stored Scotts
      Christmas decorations in that location. Had there been more time I think I
      would have added casters to the base so it could be easily rolled out when
      necessary. Thats what happens when you have 3 days to transform a space
      :-/. Thanks for leaving the comment. We love hearing the feedback from our
      viewers 🙂 RR

    2. i guess i’m too obsessed with her designs that i can still not see what
      you’re pointing out. where is it exactly??

    3. Personally I don’t like sofas that are pushed to the wall, unless there’s
      no other option. But, even then, I prefer to see a little air between the
      furniture and wall. It gives the room more dimension and style in my
      opinion. In the case of Scott’s apartment it seems like pushing it to the
      wall would look so basic. Because it sits out, it appears more cozy and
      balanced. Of course most people prefer everything to look bigger, larger,
      and wider, even if it’s not as appealing or looks like everyone else’s

  5. Scott’s apartment came out gorgeous and so cozy!
    …yes, I’m binge watching. 😄
    …your new subbie. 😊

  6. While I like the color scheme I guess the word “Minimalism” is not a
    vocabulary in this lady design. Just too much furnitures squeezed every
    last inch in a small space. Shelves behind the couch can be removed and add
    smaller couch. I guess this guy is not going to have a get together soon
    because there’s no room to move anywhere. Less decorative use of shelve
    space and more functional use of shelve space would be more ideal.

  7. What a lovely family! So loving and fun too! Congrats on the new place!

  8. If the shelves level with the back of the couch lifted by hinges there
    could be tons of storage there. Love your designs, you are very gifted, and
    you always look great too!!!

  9. Where did they get that wall thing at @7:45 ?

  10. “I’m not bossy, I’m just helpful” – seems like your motto :)

  11. I love intros like this

  12. You all are so funny!! I love your styles and ideas..💓💓


  14. you are so clever miss!!

  15. Mom,s moxie look and humor….

  16. sangeetha dharmendran

    yu really hve a grt mom.. u r real lucky..

  17. where did you purchase the wood wall panels thats behind the TV.?
    I love that.
    There is also something simular in your barbers house, but he has clear
    glass with lights behind it. I would like to know if thats purchased in the
    same place?
    So I was thinking for (my) new matchbox apartment to have the wooden panels
    in the middle and also have the clear panels on each side of that and
    having LIFX light strips behind the clear glass panels all controlled by
    Alexa Echo.

  18. you guys form a beuatifful family.

  19. u guys have such an amazing relationship

  20. that was fantastic!
    do my house please!!! TT^TT

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