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Mr Zeeshan Full House Interior [Final Update]

Its been practically 2 months considering that we began this project, and also we're rather thankful with exactly how it has ended up. Here is a small summary of work done.

Entrance hall location includes a rock cladding of a yellow-colored shade studded with spotlights on the top of it which throw the light down. There is likewise a storage place where in vase can be maintained. A shoe shelf is made near the bottom with stainless-steel shoe baskets which offers the very least of the difficulties while saving shoes. On the side is a storage space unit which looks after coats, papers as well as other such energy products. A side dividers that separates the living-room from entrance hall is developed to add a showcase shelf with limelight on the top.

Living Space.
Living room includes a long TV bottom cupboard which is solid sufficient to hold the weight of 5 adults as well as a 42" TELEVISION. Ahead right is a high unit that helps with the storage space of CDs, DVDs as well as other digital medias.

Dining-room has a semi-glass dividers with storage space dividing the living room from dining, and a glass shutter dishware is made in order to help client store their crockery products. A wall has been picked for wallpaper of a contrasting shade.

Cooking area.
Cooking area has complete size base cabinets along with top closets that are completed in white and also light red mix that sticks out fairly dynamic. In the energy area, washbasin closet and utility wardrobe has actually been made.

Guest Room.
Guest bed room features a coffee brownish closet with side curve storage space and a loft together with in different ways repainted wall surface.

Master Bedroom.
Master bedroom has a 10' sliding wardrobe whose pattern has been matched to the customer's existing cot and the appearances simply blow your mind. The area also has an affixed restroom where a washbasin cupboard is provided.

Kids Bed room.
This is a lady's space where orange as well as white has been utilized as popular shades on the L designed corner closet which provides optimal space in the edge. The surrounding wall surface has actually been picked for wallpaper as well as setting up designer storage device where in toys could be kept.


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  1. not bad colour scheme is a bit crap ….

  2. how about area and cost for final set up

  3. have to improve your knowledge. still your are talking small basic.

  4. Madhumita Biswas

    Thank you

  5. Ok- ok kafi purane designs hai

  6. awesome….very expensive?

  7. I have 600sq ft space .Can u help me to give a design for this?

  8. I like the d interior design

  9. Ravimohan Rathore

    how much price for whole

  10. nice

  11. Gandhimathy Senthilkumar

    after seeing this I want to construct one more house. excellent

  12. hello zaasheen ,your work is very nice

  13. I like the kitchen interiors I have to make so how much the cost tell me

  14. Nice Brother respect from Pakistan

  15. Sandhya Kameshwar

    Nice colour combinations n design too 😊♥️👌👍

  16. I can’t understand a word he is saying 🌚

    1. +Metoo Everything he is explaining is been included in the description box
      below the video. Do check it out. Also find the link to our latest project
      video here https://youtu.be/wRn_X_XzDTo

  17. nice

    1. +Durga Modularkitchen Thank you 🙂

  18. kichen is best…

    1. +labiba chowdhury Thank you 🙂

  19. woow beautiful ..plz decorat my house plz

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