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Interior Design | Decorate a Small Bedroom | Small Apartment | #12 Reality Show

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Sharrah takes you on a tour with her past and present living spaces as the daughter of Youtube's most popular interior developer. Being Rebecca Robeson's child has its benefits. Sharrah's teen room full with wardrobe space is exactly what numerous teen age women only desire for. Next Sharrah reveals her university for space and also adheres to with a suggestion of her first home. Lastly, Sharrah gets her own place. A small 350 sq ft studio apartment where she and also Rebecca locate locations to keep all her clothes, makeup and footwears while still having area for a tidy fresh beachy looking apartment or condo.
Teenager space



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Period 2 of Driven to Design is rupturing with terrific Style projects working with stunning houses. 2014 projects consist of an underground shelter, Desert Rose Inn as well as cabins in Utah, a personalized house on the bay in Coronado, a man cave in Carlsbad California, the most lavish Roof covering Top balcony in LaJolla …
There will even be some shock YouTube Celebrity Collaborations with KittiesMaMa as well as various other enjoyed YouTubers as well … So, return each Monday, for more amazing adventures with the group at Robeson Layout and of course, even more family and office shenanigans!
Remain tuned for the upcoming episode of Rebeccas purchasing trip with the YouTube followers competition winners as they select $10,000 of cost-free furniture while shopping with Rebecca.
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Produced as well as Modified by: Dorian Tucker
Videography by Matthew Moran
All music is aristocracy cost-free by Premium Beats
and exclusive songs provided by Jimmy Robeson

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  1. +Dottie McGee Thanks for leaving your comment. I think its worth a reply.
    The term “Budget” is relative. On this channel, my viewers are used to
    watching us design some of the most expensive homes in Southern California.
    So… relatively speaking, Sharrah’s new place WAS on a budget. We also
    made a point of it on this video because 7 months earlier, I had gone all
    out to design her first apartment with all new furniture, reclaimed wood
    wall and light fixtures. Moving out so soon was unexpected and not
    something I was excited about. For this reason, we did a much less
    expensive version and tried to make a pint of that on this video. BTW,
    there WAS particle board in her apartment… The bed frame was from IKEA
    😉 RR

    1. +Chase R. If you read a few comments down they mention that they are making
      a video and It will be up soon.
      I almost missed it too. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Glad you asked
      for the video. Thanks

    2. video 10:18 that cabinet is that a customize or you can buy it somewhere? I
      think it will work with our little kitchen for extra storage?

    3. #Jaydin Lee where did u hang ur clothes? all I saw,was Ben’s no closet?😔
      @Kayla Coleman

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    1. Sarah _ Hi there! Did you ever find out where the curtains are from? I
      cannot find anything remotely similar. Thanks :))

    2. Unfortunately no 😩

    3. Robeson Design @

    4. Hey, I hope you’re OK with my chiming in here. I’ve found that if you have
      some of the original paint color or can get it from Home Depot/Lowes by
      using their paint matching system then you simply remove nails, etc., and
      patch (spackle ) and repaint. No-one can even find the nail holes
      afterwards much less comment on their being an eye sore. Ta-Da!

      My problem is that I don’t have anything that’s painted that I can take
      into the store for them to match. 🙁 When that happens I like to use these
      little plastic hooks that have 3 or 4 tiny metal pins in them you hammer
      into the wall made for concrete walls -most of my walls are concrete When removed the pin holes are so tiny you can’t even see where
      they were unless you look for them. However it’s a lot easier if you have
      extra paint to be on the safe side from accidentally damaging the walls in
      the process of decorating.
      Cheers! HTH

  3. Damn ! You have a RockStar Mom !

    1. +Shahzaib Rehman
      You got that right! 🙂 RR

  4. I love it however, I want to know where you got the “very inexpensive”
    cabinet your mother mentioned specifically to the “landlord.” I have a
    small kitchen and am dying to find something inexpensive just like that.

    1. +Debbie Trepanier
      The Kitchen cabinet is from IKEA! I Love their stuff! RR

    2. Hi, I’m wondering if you could verify something for me. A mover told me
      that IKEA furniture is not meant to be moved after it has been in place.
      The reason he said is because it’s particle board and particle board will
      not hold up to being moved. Have you found this to be true? I love the idea
      of IKEA but I also feel uncomfortable buying disposable things, especially
      when our society has such a “throw it away” mentality.

      Thank you for your informative and lovely videos. I’m now a subscriber and
      hooked on your videos.

  5. I don’t know how I got here I was watching stuff about hetalia now watching
    home decorating ideas I don’t even own a home I’m 13

    1. i am 14 and i just love watching these videos 😂

    2. +Merilin A. don’t get me wrong I find these videos really interesting to I
      just find it funny how I started with hetalia then somewhere along the way
      I find home ideas

    3. +Kayla Coleman yeah i got that 😊

    4. +Merilin A. yeah I was making. sure because I wasn’t sure if I was clear or

    5. Kayla Coleman 😂😂I’m 14 and i was watching room decor but idk how I got to
      a apartment decor 😂

  6. That is not a small bedroom whatsoever lol.

    1. for a studio apartment it’s pretty big too but I guess going from her old
      apartment to this is small

    2. That’s not a bedroom. That’s the entire apartment. It’s a studio.

    3. 350sf total including “bedroom”.

  7. a bit spoilt i think… beautiful room tho :)

  8. lovely place! great ideas!

  9. it is so nice i love it

  10. Slashback Entertainment

    your mother is obviously the talented designer. she’s showing off shelves
    and you’re showing off aprons. haha. nice work though.

  11. I really wanna become an interior designer

  12. can uh tell me b.des course is nyc for became a good interior desiner

  13. I can’t even afford half of that.

    1. I buy furniture from second hand shops then I pimp them out. There are so
      many ideas on youtube. Run with it and have no fear. Mistakes are just
      learning curves.

  14. love it….from one without a clue

  15. I Love it😍😍😍

  16. this is brilliant!

  17. LOVE it your Mom does a great job

  18. very nice and cute. Enjoy is nice to have a mother like yours bless Bronx

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