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IKEA Small Spaces – Creating a small kitchen that can handle your biggest recipes

If you wish for a big nation kitchen area yet live in a small apartment in the city, you don't need to quit your dreams; maybe simply shrink them a little. Developing a kitchen island is one way to suit all the big-cooking fundamentals and also still have lots of room to work on your impressive recipes.


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  1. yeeah I need to grab that plate which is behind that vase up there in the
    sky…so maybe after cupboard-climbing I could use a parachute and land on
    the beautiful island which I have in the middle…

    1. Sipokazi Cetu-Quick

      Your comment made me laugh! LOL!

  2. I hate to be one of those people but… “That’s not a small kitchen!”

    1. +77cns you are one of those people because #noseriously that is a very
      small kitchen

    2. lol +EvelynGB It’s about triple the size of my kitchen. Many people are
      living in a different reality than perhaps you are… this is VERY big and
      would be a lovely luxury for me and for many other’s living in my city and

    3. +77cns Totally agree, this might not be a big kitchen, but it definitely
      isn’t small.

      It doesn’t look very efficient either…
      Who has such high ceilings? Who needs so much kitchen storage in the city
      that it’s worth sacrificing a ton of countertop space for those 2 extra
      Where’s big refrigerator/freezer to match?

      In my temporary kitchen, I’ve learned countertop space is everything.
      Lack of storage can be solved by going to the supermarket more often,
      buying smaller packs, use no more pots and pans than 1 big drawer full…
      But you can’t magically cut up a bunch of big vegetables in the space you’d
      need to cut 1 onion.

  3. More videos please

  4. where is the fridge?

  5. I just wanted to point out that the high ceiling looks very, very weird and
    that’s not a small kitchen at all.

  6. Na pierwszy rzut oka kuchnia wygląda bardzo ładnie i nietypowo, co lubię.
    Mam kuchnię ok. 2x3m i zmieściłby mi się taki układ, ale widzę duże wady:
    musiałabym zrezygnować z wysokiej lodówki i kącika ze stolikiem i dwoma
    krzesłami, w moim przypadku również z wiszących szafek, ponieważ mam na tej
    ścianie okno. Wydaje mi się też mało ergonomiczna ze względu na ciągłe
    obchodzenie wyspy wokół. Wniosek – nie jest to najlepsze rozwiązanie.

  7. …did the videographer forget to turn on the anti-shake. I am having
    motion sickness just watching this.

  8. viktória jurkovics

    I love this kitchen, i want the same…but I don’t know where she put the

  9. That is not a small kitchen! I live in Manhattan and I wish my kitchen was
    that big

  10. horrible female

    1. +Fariha Simin yes, you are…

    2. +Iggypox L.O.S.e.R!

    3. +Fariha Simin R.E.T.A.R.D.e.D!

  11. That little step ladder is not going to get her to the second layer of wall
    cupboards let alone two more cupboards on top of those. How are those
    cupboards 4 meters from theg round even a bit practical? And who has 4
    meter high ceiling anyway?

    1. +Rachel Selby There’s another video with a lady using this kitchen and she
      can actually reach them from the stool. But yeah those are some pretty high
      ceilings, but just take off the top one if you want to borrow the idea! 🙂
      That’s what I love about these videos, you can take snipits from here and
      there and put them together like a backwards puzzle in your own house.

  12. how much meter squer?

    1. Rama Olivia 7

  13. Beautiful? Yes! But very expensive. We have also a beautiful white kitchen
    IKEA, but more small and cheap.

  14. “all the way up the the ceiling”

    Oh so for everyone who has a small 5×10 kitchen make sure you remember to
    look up because you will have a 20ft tall ceiling.

  15. I love IKEA product stuffs .

  16. less is BEST! 👽

  17. LOVE this beautiful kitchen !!! ❤️

  18. It’s small to me, but functional. My kitchen is a bit larger, but there
    isn’t enough prep space. I would love to find a way to incorporate more
    counter space or a small island.

  19. love the kitchen

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