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Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

Ron Barth, Head of state of Source Furniture (www.resourcefurniture.com/space-savers), shows and also explains their outstanding line of Italian-designed space-savers.


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  1. This design has been really thought through> I want to meet the person who
    are behind this they are not ordinary people or person. They have simply
    not compromised on anything. Everything has been thought of and I just
    can’t find faults with this. Trust this happens very rarely. I always find
    something to improve on in most designs or in some case a feature that is
    over top or may not be cost effective but still brings in some value. I
    can’t find anything to add to any of these designs. WOW Simply brilliant

    1. Exactly

    2. +Ellen Krog
      yes Ellen

    3. ravvraj you took the words right out of my lips! brilliant designers,
      brilliant furniture. I am praying that one day it will become affordable
      for us all!

    4. +Daisy K Akeo
      In their defense it is affordable in a city like New York if you want to
      live in the heart of the city this can really be a lot cheaper than getting
      a bigger apartment if you were buying.
      But yes this stuff need not cost this much, I will be making this for
      myself these mechanisms are available. So when I am moving surely if the
      prices have not reduces and if I am not become a dirt rich billionaire by
      then(which will most probably be the case 😉 ) I will be making it myself.
      But in my city convincing the carpenters to do something like this would be
      hard. So I guess I would wait till I become the dirt rich billionaire and
      go to their office overseas get it custom made for my house and get it
      shipped 😉 It would be less of a headache than finding some carpenter who
      is ready to think out of the box and do this. LOL

  2. I am sure this is something which china cannot replicate because those
    smooth flow hinges are top quality and quality is a word which you can’t
    find in chinese dictionary

    1. You can find a Quality laxative in their food.

    2. Commented from an iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro

  3. This is really more than awesome. All those products looked flexible n easy
    to use. I’m amazed how come technology go to this level
    . Great thinking
    anna use those in Ireland;qj1

  4. Agostinho De Castro

    prefiero ir al campo y no tener algunos previéndose ,pero no vivir como un

  5. Great!!! Design, style and funcionality, nice video.

  6. where do l sell in korea??

    1. The Way144K Productions

      박경은 for North America and Italy…

    2. ok.. thanks you!!😁😁

  7. I miss possibilities for a combination of office desk and dinningtable.

  8. We own a condo and man I am so happy to find out that you guys are from

  9. I simply love this video

  10. W il made in Italy
    Troppo forti i canturini


  12. this is so great. generally though this stuff is really expensive and out
    of reach for me. i love that glass coffee table that turns into a table. i
    always hated coffee tables – take up a lot of room and only used for one

  13. And that was in 2010, man that s awesome

  14. Wuuo fantástico me encantan. LOS INVITO A CHILE, VENGAN A HACER UNA FABRICA
    DE ESOS MUEBLES Excelente idea.


  15. In Italy we have developed this tecnology to hide the lover and even the

  16. mmmm MILF ;)

    1. she is FANTASTIC !!! much more beautiful than american movie stars …

    2. – Zara : Non non, je n’avais pas l’air étonné. Arg, c’est chiant, parfois avec de simples mots on n’arrive pas à faire passer l&1;i#78émot2on qu’on ressent à l’instant T !!!

  17. what is the name of the italian manufacturer ??

  18. wow they have a lot of beds

  19. Unreliable products and bad customer service.

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