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DIY: Cute Simple Bedroom Decor Accents

I get on INSTAGRAM!!

… And I will certainly repost/retweet a few of them!!!!!!!!!! awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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The SONGS playing are: "Golden High"

& cococopana by APM songs


FTC: Not funded


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  1. But why Barney on the home screen

    1. he looks scary in that picture

    2. ikr it’s like haunting me😖😖😑😑

    3. Olivia Knurowski, I have nightmares now

    4. +twenty one panic!king pilots that’s exactly what I was thinking when I
      first saw it

  2. I don’t do none of these I just enjoy the videos:)


      Same 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. same 😁😁

    3. Same😜😜😜

  3. i did the first one and filled it with shells love it!!!!!

  4. Damn Barney is Scary 😂👆

  5. the screen saver is creepy

    1. um well its creepy 2 me so whatever

    2. lizzie Elsenpeter I agree

  6. the stars on the DIY nightlight, cute. aww

  7. You have an amazing mind full of ideas

  8. Cinderella0203 Roblox

    Can we use sugar?

  9. I like the last one but I need spray paint

    1. elayme almujeeb A

  10. Your homepage is so scary omg😂❤️

  11. can I use something else than spray paint ?

    1. Princess Meera you can use NAIL polish or regular paint

  12. I’m tried the last one and it worked

  13. that was very very nice actually <3

  14. I really want to do them but I suck at everything😜

  15. Can u use sugar 4 the first one?

  16. Barney looks creepy

  17. not to be mean

  18. I love that star lamp,its my dreammmmm

  19. the barney is scaring me lmao

  20. what if you dont have a hairspray and cant buy one

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