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      DizzyIzzy bullcrap all you want is likes and people

  2. Me: mom can I have any of these bedrooms?

    Mom: keep on dreaming, Hun.

    1. Jm & Jana tricks for fun PH

      Mixat c

    2. Mixat so true

    3. Mixat LOL

    4. Amiyah Taylor hi

  3. All of hose rooms look fun

    1. juan viruete what the heck babies shouldn’t be online. You haven’t even
      reached double digits. God, enjoy your happiness while you still have it.

    2. Avery W hell isn’t a swear word…unless your Christian…or in the single

    3. Avery W Wow Calling Everybody A Brat So Immature!!!Oh Maybe She’s Just
      Looking In A Mirror And Calling Herself A Brat If So She Should Also Say
      She’s A Baby And Is Ugly!

    4. +juan viruete cool guess what? no one cares

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  4. Sapphire's Universe

    this is making me feel bad about mine…

    1. Sapphire’s Universe me to😕😕😕😢

    2. Sapphire’s Universe same 😕😭

    3. Sapphire’s Universe same😭😭😭😭😭

    4. AdrianaAgreste and LegitCookie1231 MSP

      Sapphire’s Universe ikr

  5. Me:Mom please can I have a bedroom like those

    Mom:No you don’t deserve it.

    1. u probably dont deserve it

    2. Jordyn Vlogs I feel that too i now how you feel

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  6. Kati Wentzel // 13 Katie and Kat adventures

    I only like the one at 0:55

    1. Kati Wentzel // 13 Katie and Kat adventures yayaya

    2. Ff gff what?

    3. Me too Kati.I saw one of those beds BobsFurniture

    4. Kati Wentzel // 13 Katie and Kat adventures last one is my favorite

  7. Most of these bedrooms are for boys what???

    1. Gaming Boy99 roblox and more

      Lizzie Gaming that good im a boy

    2. Lizzie Gaming is

    3. Lizzie Gaming

  8. XScarlett_ McdonnellX

    Most of these bedrooms where amazing. But some of them where just normal
    everyday bedrooms that any normal kid would have.

    1. XScarlett_ McdonnellX you must be pretty spoiled then! because A LOT of
      kids can only dream to have bedrooms like that.

    2. XScarlett_ McdonnellX

      Trust me I dream as well because my bedrooms tiny and I’m not saying all of
      them are just the odd one.

    3. yesssssssssssssss

    4. XScarlett_ McdonnellX I’m with you on that I have a cool room and some
      looked like mine but mine is an average everyday room

    5. Tammi Gibson i now right

  9. Spoiled much?Very

    1. Lettie Sutton are you saying to me spoiled much because I actually have 12

    2. Lettie Sutton jealous much? yes

    3. Elisa09 ‘ loser

  10. all of this compared to my bunk bed and bedroom I share with my brother
    makes me feel bad for wat I have oh well ad least I have a bed

  11. These kids have the best parents XD wow I wish I had one of those rooms

  12. My bedroom is like the treehouse one

  13. Tbh if u get these bedrooms as a kid u eventually change ur interest so
    then u want to re-do ur room… which cost a lot of money… just be
    thankful u live in a house and not under a box

  14. DIY_Princess Precious

    Wish I had one those I don’t even have my one room and I’m 11


    Yay! There are lots of bedrooms which one should I use for Puppet pals 2?

  16. wow those kids are spoiled

  17. Who else gets a little jelly from watching this video

  18. The GodOfDestruction

    I just saw a trailer for the movie “a dogs purpose” and it pissed me off
    why don’t people give 2 fuks about cats?!?

  19. My mom said if I get 50 subs on my Channel she’ll give me a dog please sub

  20. Naruto vs. Gaming Umuzaki

    I Like the pink bed in the 2 one I’m going to ask my dad to build my bed
    just like that pink one 🛏

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