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Yeezy to make: Ikea designs monstrous berth for Kanye West

Furniture giant accepts rappers interior design purposes by saying wed love to see what youd develop but not everyone is convinced

Ikea has responded to Kanye Wests request to allow Kanye to create, put forward this Yeezy: a couch big enough for West and all his personality friends.

West divulged his ambition to work with the Swedish flat-pack furniture powerhouse in an interrogation on BBC Radio 1 on Monday.

I. Have. To. Toil. With. Ikea, he told presenter Annie Mac by phone from Los Angeles. With furniture, with interior design, for architecture.

Specifically, he had interest in turning his hands to a minimalist accommodation inside of a college dormitory, with a Tv built inside of the wall.

He was drawn to Ikea because of his destination of making his produces more accessible, describing his mission in life as to do high-end and all this substance, and deliver it to the people.

He concluded by calling on Ikea to allow Kanye to create: Allow him to make this thing because you know what, I miss a couch that he makes, I want a chair that he makes I miss more makes from Ye.

Ikea Australia responded on Facebook late on Tuesday night with the Yeezy: Hej Kanye, wed love to see what youd create … we could construct you Famed!

The design three berths, bolt together was a reference to Wests contentious Famous video, which demonstrated West, his wife Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities naked and asleep in a monstrous bunk together.

But the devotees of Ikea Australia who responded to the pole were by and large not in favour of the collaboration, with one proposing an alternative: the Knye toilet.

Dont do it. Ever, commented one Ikea fan. Its perhaps the only occasion that they are able to oblige me far removed from Ikea.

Another explained of the collaboration: Would it have a screw loose?

West has previously collaborated with the British clothes designer, Katie Eary, who has created textiles and tableware for Ikea in the past.

He told Annie Mac his goal was to represent content across all subjects, and was disdainful of the individuals who believed that he should restriction himself to music.

Its like telling Michaelangelo, I know you did this dope angel, that was really good, but Michealangelo, I dont think you could cover a cow.

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