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Why Tim Burton Movies All Look The Same: Insane Fan Theory

Beetlejuice is a haunted home legend told from the point of view of two specters who suck at haunting. After the dead Maitlands fail to scare away the hipster household who bought their live, they enroll the help of Beetlejuice, a deranged freelance poltergeist who’s also one of best available reputations Tim Burton ever created.

He is also the phantom of Batman, after he was killed by Scarecrow.

If you seem closely, you’ll find they have same eyes .

We know what you’re thinking. “What are you, nuts? Beetlejuice is a completely different person than Batman. We don’t understand him fighting crime or even having similar importances, and not formerly does he do that cool event where he says something and then when you look away for half a second he vanishes. In detail, he seems more like the type of being Batman would pummel into evil clown pudding while separating his attention between the fight and prompting Alfred to pick up cold cuts.” But rely me that this isn’t simply the byproduct of bingeing Michael Keaton movies for three straight epoches. I actually have a point to obligate here.

# 3. Tim Burton’s Batman Movie Are Their Own Bat-Verse

First, we need you to realize that Tim Burton’s Batman and Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice take place in the same Bat-Keaton-verse — which is different from the Bat-Kilmer and Bat-Clooney-verses. We’ve pointed out before that the Batman line went through some major changes between Returns and Forever . When Tim Burton left to pursue a career as a coked-up man-Muppet, Joel Schumacher changed the atmosphere of the franchise from “dark deco” to “cartoon impossible.” Everything from the layout of Gotham City to Batman’s jawline became softer and more kid-friendly.

Harvey Dent got two new faces, neither of who the hell is pitch-black .

Because these movies take place in a different world, and the two Keaton Batman s ( Batmen ?) stand alone.

This isn’t how most people look the timeline, but we’re pretty sure that’s only because “reboot” wasn’t a word in 1995. Batman’s was formally rebooted twice since Clooney combated Schwarzenegger on a diamond-powered spaceship, so is it genuinely fucking crazy that they sidle another one in there when we weren’t paying attention?

# 2. This Macrocosm Is The Same One As Beetlejuice’s

And if the Burton batfilms are one cosmo, it’s likely( or at least possible) that it’s the same universe as Beetlejuice ‘s. Just look at the fashion 😛 TAGEND As you’ll see in a minute, Beets garmenting just like Max Schreck facilitates our belief even more . Or the interior design trends 😛 TAGEND No channel there’s more than one person who is of the view that searches cool . Or just take a look at this shooting of Beetlejuice’s home, from the opening of the Saturday morning caricature sequence 😛 TAGEND

Look familiar?

In fact, it’s hard to find a shot in the entire movie where Batman would look out of place.

“But Cracked, this is because both Beetlejuice and Batman were directed by Tim Burton, and this darknes, neo-Gothic style was his thing in the ‘9 0s. Are you saying that every ‘9 0s Tim Burton movie takes residence in the DC Universe? ” Not for certain, but hey, it’s possible, right? Would this person really look out of place in a Batman comic?

Just imagine him being played by Cillian Murphy .

So yeah, Beetlejuice is a soul in the DC Universe, and the only conclude Superman didn’t save Alec and Geena from submerge during the early stages of the movie is that at that same time, Lois Lane necessitated aid getting something out of the garbage disposal.

# 1. Beetlejuice Is Everything Batman Fears

A key part of Beetlejuice mythology is that the path you die changes your world in the afterlife. That’s why in that waiting area, we identify a guy with a chicken bone in his neck …

… a sawed-in-half female from a magic indicate …

…. and a person we affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Squished-by-a-Mack-Truck.”

In fact, the only reasonablenes the Maitlands aren’t walking around like they just clambered out of a sink auto is that Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are big enough hotshots to be able to say, “No, I don’t want to be soaking wet for this entire film, thanks.” But Beetlejuice stands out. He has strange clowny makeup, is rotting( despite the fact that none of the other souls seem to decompose ), has no morals whatsoever, and adoration oppressing innocent people. Batman, on the other mitt, battles villainies comics, refuses to take anyone’s life, pretends to be a fun-loving playboy in his off experience, and uses fear as a weapon in his fight against felony. Beetlejuice is therefore the evil Batman — he’s everything the Dark Knight frights, both about himself and the world, rolled into one dopey, raucou, prank-happy sonofabitch.

So imagine Batman combating the Scarecrow, when unexpectedly the villain had managed to dose our hero with his newest concoction: anti-retroviral drugs that doesn’t merely expose you to your anxieties, but also troops you to perceive yourself as the scariest concept you can imagine. Bruce Wayne then becomes a mish-mash of everything he dreads: an undead comic who parties hard-boiled and can’t assist but try to destroy categories. Then, right as Batman is overcome with the type of existential fright that can only come from watching yourself transform into the things you detest and fear the most, he dies.

Which leaves us with the last doubt: Why the mention change? Where does the appoint “Beetlejuice” come from? Well, as we can see in the movie, he actually spells it “Betelgeuse, ” like the star.

It’s his right shoulder .

Betelgeuse is a wizard in the constellation Orion. And Orion, according to myth, died when he was poisoned. By one of his enemies.

So here’s what happened: A dosage of Scarecrow’s fear toxin turned Batman into the personification of his worst rival ever. Then he rose from the dead to terrorize the innocent as a vengeful poltergeist-for-hire … eternally. Okay, sound, even if you don’t buy our hypothesi, please, somebody go write the dialogue for this Batman movie .

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