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Who Is Stealing Money From Kourtney Kardashian ?! – Perez Hilton

Who would do something like this ?!

Kourtney Kardashian is apparently dealing with here a robber, adjudicating by a brand-new sneak peek from this coming Sunday’s brand new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ! And worse yet, it appears to be an inside job! So unsettling…

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In the preview clip, Kourt and little sis Khloe Kardashian are hanging out and talking about interior design when, apparently out of the blue, the 40 -year-old mom of three’s aide Megan strolls in to descent the rocket( below ):

“So, we discovered that there was cash missing from your wallet. So I don’t know if you wasted it out the other night? ”

Whoa !! It’s unclear what spurred the disclosure, but Kourt is very clearly concerned from the outset, telling Megan that she spent $ 20 on the valet the night before, but had “hundreds” remaining in her wallet when she last-place checked.

“There’s no hundreds there right now, ” reacts Megan, spurring both Kourtney and Khlo-money( nickname absolutely pun proposed this time) to rack their mentalities about what could’ve happened to it.

The younger Kardashian sister shows maybe the money fell out of the wallet on accident, but Kourtney immediately kills down that idea.

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