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Watch this influencer’s partner do the bare minimum while she overhauls their bedroom


An interior design influencer who goes by Emily has gone viral with a time-lapse video explain her husband do the absolute minimum to help a bedroom redesign job. Ladies on Twitter find the video highly relatable.

Emily, whose Twitter handle is @houseandhens, shared the two-minute video on Wednesday. It’s since garnered hundreds of comments and more than 5.6 million views.

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The video shows the two of them( but mainly Emily) moving their bed, changing the wallpaper( which people had a LOT of opinions on ), cover a bedside table, and arrange the chamber. Her husband, Blake, occasionally helped accommodated wallpaper up. But the majority of cases, he was just chilling on his phone or staring out the window.

” The moral of the video is that females are more hardworking than husbands ,” one Twitter consumer commented.

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Updated: October 17, 2019 — 3:18 am

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