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This lamp is breaking away from institutions, with a button in mid-air. Its unique layout draws supernatural into your life. We, from Allocacoc DesignNest, are facilitating designers to realize their commodity ideas into the market.

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Li Zan Wen, a Chinese designer came up with the HENG Balance Lamp. “HENG” is Chinese for Balance. The wooden pellets in the simple wooden chassis are used as a light permutation. The style of plucking the permutation is inspired by the old “pulling switches” in our childhood memories.

The product appearance and pattern are based on the traditional Chinese round devotees and window frames. The lighters are placed inside the ring-shaped frame and when you change the lighters on, the frame will ignite, creating an unearthly Zen feeling. It will bring rapture to a boring and monotonous life; it creates interaction between you and the product.

A high-quality beech wood material is chosen, because it represents the heated pity of nature. Heng Balance Lamp is put on Kickstarter to get it funded and to realize HENG! The funding is going very well!

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