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These Kids Asked Their Dad For Computers, But What He Devote Them Is So Much Cooler

When we were kids, asking for toys and board games for Christmas was the thing to do. Today, it’s all about technology. That’s all well and fine, but there’s something impersonal about handing a giddy five-year-old a tablet.

So when his little ones asked for computers this year, one dad decided to give them some tech with an additional level of dosage of identity. With wood, colour, illuminates, and a bit geniu, he composed computers that they are able to build his favorite kiddos smile.

While most parents would wince at the mention of what his kids called “dragon and kitty computers, ” this dad went to great lengths to get his children exactly what they asked for.

First, he cut parts of wood into their respective shapes.

After that, he laid a base for some white colour on each slouse.

Creating these cutouts granted Dad to incorporate hid kids’ enjoy of kittens and dragons into the tech-based gifts.

Painting the cutouts white really made them pop.

After all of the colour was dry, Dad added some neon LED illuminates behind the wooden conditions and affixed them to the wall behind each computer.

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Here’s how the room ogled before he started the project.

And here’s how it examines now. Amazing, right?

( via Reddit)

I think it’s safe to say that this dad just acquired Christmas. If you ever feel like establishing out devices for Christmas takes away the merriment, present something like this a try!

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