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The capability of Oculus allows one to 3D-print a representation of Mark Zuckerberg’s dog

If Mark Zuckerberg’s dog could comprehend the concepts of commerce and technology, he’d possibly object to his starring role in Facebook’s recent video. But alas, Beast is just a cute Silicon Valley dog, and so here we are.

To celebrate Beast’s 6th birthday HBD, li’l guy Facebook made an Oculus employee 3D-print a miniature form of the unofficial corporation dog.

Zuckerberg posted the video to his sheet on Tuesday 😛 TAGEND

It is, in essence, an ad for Oculus Medium, a brand-new VR product that Facebook touts as an instrument for creators and creators. To show off the product’s abilities, the video follows an Oculus creator as he designs a mini version of the dog( a lily-white Puli) before sending it to print in Facebook’s hardware lab.

“Beast was pretty confused, but I love that we have the technology and cultural activities where people merely become thoughts like this for fun, ” Zuckerberg wrote. “And I think it’s pretty good! “

This isn’t the first time Facebook marketing has worked Zuckerberg’s personal life into video content. In December, the CEO shared a tongue-in-cheek video introducing the world to the homemade AI assistant voiced by none other than Morgan Freeman he built for his family.

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