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The finalists for The Europas Awards for European tech startups is liberated

The The Europas Awards for European Tech Startups is coming, and today it releases its final shortlist after an intense round of public voting and magistrates’ delioberations. The honors will be convened on 27 June 2019, in London, U.K. and TechCrunch is once more the exclusive media sponsor of the apportions, alongside new” tech, culture& civilization” incident architect The Pathfounder.

The apportions cover 20 categories, including new additions such as include AgTech/ FoodTech, SpaceTech, GovTech and Mobility Tech. Attendees , nominees and wins will get discounts to TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin, later this year.

The Europas Awards results are based on voting by expert adjudicates and service industries itself. But key to the event itself is that there are no” off-limits areas” at The Europas, so attendees can combine readily with VIPs. Grab your tickets here before rates come near!

The awards this year will be in the train of a garden-variety lawn defendant, where you’ll be able to meet and mingle more readily, with free-flowing potions and a wide-selection of street food( including vegetarian/ vegan ). If you’d like to talk about sponsoring or exhibiting, please contact dianne @thepathfounder. com

Here are the finalists 😛 TAGEND

The Europas Awards — Hottest AgTech/ FoodTech Startup
Agricool: grows and induces fruits and vegetables inside shipping containers
Allplants: Delicious, plant-based banquets, delivered.
Breedr: a productivity and commerce pulpit transforming the livestock supply-chain
iFarm: Data-driven urban farming technology
Small Robot Company: Building tiny robots to alter cultivate
Ynsect: Designs, constructs and operates monstrous horizontal farm of beetles( Molitors) to produce high grade proteins .

The Europas Awards — Hottest CleanTech Startup
Asperitas: a clean-tech company focused on greening the datacentre industry
Naefos: A fintech-IoT platform for enterprises to access off-grid households
Bulb: inexpensive renewable energy for the house and firms
Orbital Systems: a Swedish clean-tech company that develops a sea recycling engineering be applied in domestic appliances
Solar Foods: Induces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using merely air and energy as the main resources
VoltStorage: Solar supremacy storage for your home

The Europas Awards — Hottest CyberTech Startup
UK Barac: Expending AI and behavioural analytics to detect malware hidden within encrypted traffic without the need for decryption
Cymulate: Breach and attack simulation
UK Immersive Labs: A amply interactive, on-demand, and gamified cyber sciences scaffold
UK Panaseer: A continual limits monitoring platform
Passbase: a digital identity programme to modernize the identity verification process and enable identity possession and reuse across different assistances
PixelPin: a lock authentication organisation use situations instead of passwords
uBirch: Securing IoT data employing blockchain

The Europas Awards — Hottest EdTech Startup
Busuu: Online community for language learning
Get My Grades: online learning stage for English, Maths and Science
MyPocketSkill: Connecting teens to pocket money earning professions
Perlego: Textbook subscription service
Pigzbe: Crypto-friendly, digital pocketbook for 6+
PitchMe: Skills-based geniu mart
Robo Wunderkind: developing modular and programmable robots to teach children robotics and coding
Lirica: Learn conversations with the capability of music

The Europas Awards — Hottest FashTech Startup
Bump: stimulating exchange social
Euveka: develops connected smart-mannequins, use custom application, to assist fashion, plays and medical professionals in the prototyping and sale of individual costumes
Heuritech: anticipating label and produce usefulnes through the eyes of millions of fashion influencers and shoppers
HUUB: a logistics and tech pulpit for Fashion labels
Little Black Door: smart stock-take stage that captures the value of your wardrobe and opens it up to a premium controlled marketplace
Metail: virtual fitting room service for mode retailers that allows customers to create a 3D framework of themselves and try on invests
Finda: Professional simulate booking platform

The Europas Awards — Hottest FinTech Startup
Auquan: data science scaffold for financial services
Curve: a pulpit tolerating consolidation of all bank cards into a single smart card and app
Cytora: Using AI to enable insurers to underwrite more efficiently
Divido: a retail finance pulpit that allows companies to offer instant customer finance
Holvi: digital bank for freelancers and entrepreneurs
Monese: an online banking stage that volunteers quick current account opening for all EU occupants
Moonfare: a technology-enabled platform allowing individuals to invest in top-tier private equity funds
Nuggets: Login, wage and confirm ID without ever sharing or storing your data with anyone
PremFina: White name software to manage insurance policies
Yobota: cloud-based programme grants financial services to design and deploy financial concoctions

The Europas Awards — Hottest GovTech, CivTech, PubTech, RegTech
Adzuna: digital service that connects jobseekers with boss online and through job centres around the UK
Apolitical Apolitical is a global policy penetrations pulpit and network helping governments and companies advancement their work and business
Clause Match: end-to-end solution for amply automating regulatory compliance
Luminance: record analysis software to secure big data systems
New Vector: decentralised, assure communication for governments, businesses and individuals
novoville- novoville is a Citizen Engagement Platform, that bridges the gap between the local authorities and their citizens
Safened: Digital KYC Solution
SafeTeam: NHS community lone worker app

The Europas Awards — Hottest HealthTech Startup
Ada Health: an AI-powered health platform
BIOS, generating the open standard hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and AI
eQuoo: exhibit based mental health issues game for young adults
Lumeon: cared for pathway management solutions to the healthcare industry
Natural Cycles: a digital contraceptive app
Pregenerate: “cartilage-on-a- chip” to accelerate drug development for arthritis
Siilo: fasten messenger app for medical squads
Straight Teeth Direct: Direct to shopper teledentistry programme that connects users to online dentists globally enabling low cost at home teeth straightening

The Europas Awards — Hottest MadTech( MarTech or AdTech) Startup
Codec: AI-powered audience intelligence for labels
MeasureMatch: discovery, notebook, repay& frequency independent consultants or consultancies to accelerate marketing, exchange& client ordeal abilities
Ometria: a purchaser insight and market automation stage
PlanSnap: a social planning platform that gets sidekicks together
StreetBees: Connecting firebrands with real beings on the dirt to gather real time insights
Uberall: site sell gloom
Vidsy: promotions labels create original mobile video ads at scale
Waive: an intelligent veer spotting pulpit

The Europas Awards — Hottest Mobility Travel Tech Startup
Culture Trip: invigorating people to explore the world’s culture and imagination
daytrip: platform connecting independent travelers with local motorists
Dott: scooter startup
minicabit: an online minicab and taxi price likenes and booking work
Snap Travel: on-demand coach service
Trafi: Mobility answers for connected cities
Voi Scooters: owns, operates, and controls electrical scooters for urban passengers
Wejo: unlocks the price in gondola data to help create smarter, safer, better and greener outings for motorists globally

The Europas Awards — Hottest PropTech Startup
Casavo: market producer within the residential real estate market
Good Monday: a digital office handling structure
Habito: digital mortgage dealer
Home Made: dimension tech rental agent
Hubble: online mart for place cavity
Mews Systems: dimension handling software for hospitality activities
NPlan: machine learning- based probability analysis for construction projects
Planner 5D: 3D residence layout tool employing AI, VR& AR to create floorplans and interior design
Reposit: lease lodge alternative
Urban Jungle: A fully digital insurer, for a new generation of customers

The Europas Awards — Hottest Retail/ ECommerce Tech Startup
Festicket: mart to discover and journal music celebration tickets, accommodation, transportations and additionals
Keep Warranty: app that saves the warranties and acquisition pass of your devices
NearSt: building the world’s root of real-time neighbourhood inventory
Picnic: online supermarket, that delivers groceries for the lowest rate to people’s home
Pimcore: digital ordeal platform to oversee concoction report
Spryker Systems: a exchange engineering firm
store2be: Online marketplace for short-term retail and publicity infinite
Trouva: curated mart for bricks and mortar independent stores

The Europas Awards — Hottest B2B/ SaaS Startup
Chattermill: Exploiting deep learning to help societies make sense of their purchaser suffer
Dixa: conversational client booking software that connects firebrands with purchasers through real-time communication
Infobip: Full-stack Communications Platform as a Service( CPaaS )
Meero: On demand photography work combined with image processing artificial intelligence
Paddle: platform for all application companies to run and proliferate their business
Peakon: a pulpit for measuring and improving hire involvement
ProoV: a PoC platform that enables businesses to test new technologies
SeedLegals: programme for all the legals startups need to grow and get funded
TravelPerk: business travel booking& administration pulpit for firms
Unbabel: a’ translation-as-a-service’ scaffold, powered by AI and a worldwide parish of translators

The Europas Awards — Hottest SpaceTech Startup
Aerial& Maritime: A Danish nanosatellite-based answer for monitoring aircrafts and maritime barrels
Aerospacelab: Develops a constellation of micro-satellites for earth watching and imagery
aXenic: Design, growth and production of optical modulators for communication and feeling
Global Surface Intelligence: Environmental data service
Hawa Dawa: Incorporate proprietary IoT smart sensor data with other sources of data( including spacecraft data) to give highly accurate data on air quality
Monolith: Machine Learning Platform that helps architects to predict the outcome of unknown, brand-new research or simulations by reusing historic data
Open Cosmos: Simple and inexpensive cavity assignments
Trik: Enterprise drone 3D mapping software for structural inspection
Unseenlabs- Unseenlabs intends and develops a range surveillance payload
Xonaspace: Uses an XPS and LEO satellite constellation for unusually accurate GPS methods

The Europas Awards — Hottest Tech for Good Startup
Beam: assistant a homeless person for the long-term by funding their employment training
eWaterpay: Expending mobile engineering for the accountable collecting of user fees to pay for the maintenance of water supply systems forever
Idka: a stage for private groups and organizations, where they can connect, communicate, share and store anything- while their privacy remains intact
OmoLab: develops tools that make easier for beings with dyslexia to read
SafetoNet: an app that protects children online by use AI to spot pernicious material, whilst respecting children’s privacy
Tick. Done .: a micro-video platform for instant insight sharing
Winnow: digital tools to help chefs run most profitable, sustainable kitchen

The Europas Awards — Hottest Blockchain Project
Aeternity: a scalable blockchain platform that enables high-speed transacting, purely-functional smart contracts
Argent: a smart-alecky purse for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications
AZTEC Protocol: constructing privacy technology for public blockchain infrastructures
Colendi: decentralized credit scoring protocol and microcredit stage with blockchain and machine learning technologies
Edge ESports: blockchain-based pulpit for professional gamers
FilmChain: blockchain enabled pulpit that collects data, attests incomes and executes stakeholder fee separates for cinema, Tv etc
Orbs: a blockchain Infrastructure as a Service( IaaS) for large scale consumer applications
Veratrak: a shared workspace for cooperate with the your furnish chain partners

The Europas Awards — Hottest Blockchain Investor
BlueYard Capital
Catagonia Capital
Earlybird Venture Capital
Fabric Ventures: A venture capital firm that invests in scalable decentralized networks
KR1: crypto token Investment company supporting early stage decentralised and open root blockchain projections
Mosaic Ventures
Outlier Ventures: invests and spouses with tokenised parishes that will create the new decentralised economy

The Europas Awards — Hottest A/ A+ Investors
Anthemis Group
Balderton Capital
DN Capital
EQT Ventures
Index Ventures
Project A Ventures
Ventech Capital

The Europas Awards — Hottest Early-Stage/ Accelerator Investors
Founders Factory
Forward Partners
Generation S
Entrepreneur First
Techstars London
The Family
7percent Ventures
Backed VC
Firstminute Capital
Episode 1 Enterprises

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