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Taylor, Trump and Twitter- a year in the life of Kanye West

Its tough keeping up with the world of Kanye West. So let us take the hard work out of it and present to you the highlights of a jam-packed 12 months of megalomania

January: Album notices and Twitter rows( part one)

After releasing a brand-new line, Facts, on New Years Eve, Kanye followed it up with another brand-new line, No Party in LA, on 18 January. At that place, his forthcoming book was due to be called Swish( replacing the previous So Help Me God ), and was its maker said the best album of all time. On 26 January, he announced he would be premiering it at Madison Square Garden in New York. Never one to shun cross-promotional activity, the book open was to be combined with a picture for his Yeezy range for Adidas. Oh, and it would be shown in cinemas worldwide. Of course.

You would think, with all that to take care of, West might have better things to do than having rows on Twitter. You would be wrong. After West announced the new book would now be called Waves rather than Swish, Wiz Khalifa showed hed pinched the new mention from the Harlem rapper Max B. Never one to see bait without taking it, West piled in. Your first single was mawkish as fuck and most there after No one I know has ever listened to one of your albums the whole way through I am your OG and I will be respected as such. All of which precipitated a most peculiar response from Khalifas girlfriend( and Wests ex ), Amber Rose: Are u mad Im not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. Its just like the Algonquin round table, I tell you.

The month in a Kanye title : Cant Tell Me Nothing

February: Twitter rows( duties two and three) and the book launch

Well, having a pop at a fellow rapper can get to feel tame sometimes. So why not tweet your support for the man at the centre of a massive sexual-assault scandal instead? On 9 February, West chose to do just that, with the massively unambiguous: BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!! As the Guardians Dave Schilling celebrated: I have a sneaking suspicion Kanye West has a carton full of note cards, and on those note cards there are transgressive statements written down them. Proclaiming Bill Cosby is innocent of raping 37 ladies is probably just one of them. Still, theres no better way to distract attention from that by announcing that your brand-new album has its third brand-new title in less than a few months. Now it was to be called The Life of Pablo. Half the tracklist had changed from when it was announced Swish. Surely that would be it for the story of So Help Me God/ Swish/ Waves/ The Life of Pablo?

In the Garden West at the Yeezy/ Life of Pablo launch at Madison Square Garden. Photograph: Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3

Then, on 11 February, West finally exposed the album at Madison Square Garden: he played it on his laptop from the stage, and appeared to get an email after one of the sungs. Still, it was fun at the cinema, reckoned Ben Beaumont-Thomas: What may have seemed ramshackle in Madison Square Garden, or watching at home on the official stream that impeded buffering due to demand, took on an unguarded beauty on the big screen. Alls well that resolves well, then. But hang on! Whats this? Its Taylor Swifts people saying she wasnt at all happy at Kanye rapping about her: I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I obligated that bitch far-famed. West responded to the Swift condemnation by saying theyd had an hour-long conversation about the song, and she generated her approvals. As for the book itself, our review by Alexis Petridis detected a distinct lack of focus. Still, the rest of our scribes liked it enough to make it our fourth good book of the year.

Youd think that would have been enough activity for one month. But you would be wrong. Periods after liberating The Life of Pablo which by the time it reached the Tidal streaming service was already same to the version premiered in New York he told the world( via Twitter) that he was $53 m in debt and questioned Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg for a$ 1bn investing in his ideas: Hey, Larry Page Im down for your help, too. He likewise announced he would be releasing another new book in the summer. But he didnt. Nor did he turn out for Preston North End stockpiles, though in all honesty he never claimed he would do that.

The month in a Kanye title : Gold Digger

March: Twitter rows( place four) and book modernizes( part one)

At last-place, a breather in Westworld. It was a quiet month, with exactly the one conflict of tweets( with Deadmau5, who was affronted when a photo West tweeted appeared to show him applying Pirate Bay. West responded by inviting the EDM star to perform at his daughters birthday party with specific a minnie mouse dead-mow-five head not a mickey mouse dead-mow-five head ). He also said he might never secrete a CD again. Perhaps he was tied up at work, because despite The Life of Pablo having been released the month before, he was busy updating it, so whenever you logged in to Tidal you faced the future prospects of listening to a different album to the one youd been listening to the day before.

The month in a Kanye title : Dont Stop

April: Album updates( part two) and litigations( part one)

Once again, pacify agreed over Kanye West. He began the month by announcing that a freshly modernized, remixed and remastered version of The Life of Pablo would be streaming on all major services from 1 April, though he added that hed carry on tinkering with it for the foreseeable. The difficulty, though, was that in February he had told the world his album would only ever be on Tidal; followers whod signed up to Tidal on that promise were rather disgruntled by that development. One Justin Baker-Rhett, in fact, was so disgruntled that he propelled a lawsuit, alleging the promise of exclusive access to Wests recent album led to an influx of brand-new Tidal customers and allowed the service to collect users personal information. No stuff the obvious chaos smothering the book, though this was the month The Life of Pablo became the first book to surface the US maps based primarily on streaming.

The month in a Kanye title : Bad News

May: Lawsuits( part two) and Macca pledges support

The periods were getting longer and warmer, and West was largely staying out of the headlines. Except when other beings were putting him in their own homes. People such as the Hungarian rock musician Gabor Presser, who filed a clothing in the US district court in Manhattan alleging that New Slaves, from the album Yeezus, took without allow from his own 1969 song Gyngyhaj Lny. He missed $2.5 m in impairments clearly, he hadnt seen Wests tweets about being $53 m in debt. Or people like Sir Paul McCartney, who told the world from his position as one of the largest spokesmen for black people that Wests use of the N-word in his lyricals was justified, citing its look in their collaboration All Day. People like Oprah, whos a bit conservative about that trash, answered, You shouldnt do it, even black people shouldnt use that text. I added, Yeah, but its Kanye! And hes talking about an urban generation that uses that word in a completely different way. Its the context. So I was actually pleased with it.

The month in a Kanye title : Facts

June: Cancelled proves( part 1) and a abuse culture video

West started getting back into the swing of things as summer arrived. First, a popup concert at the 1,500 -capacity Webster Hall ended in the requisite chaos after many thousands tried to get into the hastily scheduled 2am gig, arising in it being offset and the venue being locked down by governments. Well, he was always going to bounce back from that, which he did by unveiling the trailer to his Only One video game. The trailer featured, as the Guardian set it at the time, an animation of the Chicago rappers late baby Donda West, who rides on the back of a winged white horse that is galloping through the clouds towards heaven. Just like Call of Duty. Only One has been in development since 2015. It has not yet come into shops.

Fame demon Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the video for Famed. Photograph: Tidal

Then the moment marriage all “il wait here”, the moment where he caused wholly superfluous offence the release of the video for Famous( the song in which he said hed become that bitch Taylor Swift famed, if you remember ). The video peculiarity a rollcall of waxworks of luminaries connected in some way with West in bunked with him and his wife, Kim Kardashian West. It was a comment on fame, West reckoned. Lena Dunham wasnt affected she announced it one of the more disturbing aesthetic efforts in recent memory and said it was emblematic of rape culture. And theres more. As assaults are Periscoped across the web and girls commit suicide after being exposed in ways they never imagined … While Bill Cosbys crimes are still being unveiled and understood as traumas for the women he assaulted but also massive traumata to our national consciousness … Now I have to see the prone, subconscious, waxy bodies of famous dames, twisted like theyve been narcotic and chucked digression at a rager? It gives me such a nauseating gumption of dis-ease.

The month in a Kanye title : Guilt Trip

July: Twitter rows( area five extended to Snapchat and Instagram)

Would there be no end to the West-Swift kerfuffle? This time it was Kim Kardashian West restarting the sequence, by uploading to her Snapchat account film snippets of West and Swift on the phone discussing Famous, in which she appeared to approve the song though there was no reference to the that bitch line. Swift reacted, though she selected Instagram: Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me fucking bitch in his song? It doesnt exist because it never happened. You dont get to control people psychological response to being called that bitch in front of the entire world. Who should we call to resolve this one? Thats right lawyers. And what did they have to say? That lawyers should be involved. Because if West had entered the call in California, without Swifts approval, he had broken the law and could face a year in district penitentiary. The detail that West has remained unincarcerated proposes, very much, that Swift reputed the lawyers could just keep out of it as far as she was concerned.

The month in a Kanye title : Blame Game

August: Dreaming of Ikea and opening popup shops

The dog days of August were free of campaigns with Swift, but theres no time off when youre Kanye West. At least he got into the silly-season swing, sentiment you, when he told Radio 1 of his dream to design furniture for Ikea. Yo Ikea, grant Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I miss a berthed that he makes, I require a chair that he makes, West mentioned, as he explained why students wishing to a dorm room designed by him. And who are we to doubt that practicality of anything designed by the man who came up with skin plodding throbs? Ikea Australia reacted with a mockup of a Yeezy bed, big enough to recreate the Famous video. The Famous video? Lets not go back there again, delight. Meanwhile, he set about trying to clear that $53 m of debt by opening 21 popup shops around the world, exchanging limited-edition product for three days only. The new browses espouse on from Wests popup in New Yorks Soho in March, which he replied rendered$ 2m( 1.5 m) in sale of parts including thrift storage casings customised by the rapper for $400, the Guardian reported. So, 21 of those, and hes exclusively $11 m short of paying off his indebtedness. Jobs a good un. After that, beginning his Saint Pablo tour on a theatre that fly above the gathering, naturally seemed positively restrained.

The month in a Kanye title : Christian Dior Denim Flow

September: On the road and on the catwalk

I are intending to take you higher Kanye and his flying stagecoach for the Saint Pablo tour. Photograph: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Autumn, season of clouds and soften fruitfulness, and Kanye West focused on the design, failing to provoke any major rows , not insisting on his suitability to pattern space shuttles , not announcing he should be the leader of Ukip, or anything like that. If anything, he reacted suspiciously like a musician. The Guardian reported that the Saint Pablo picture was worth five stellars dynamic and pressuring, dont you know? West announced that he and Drake were making an album together( stirring it the third album he announced in a year that ensure exclusively one actually reach the public ). And he put on his Yeezy Season 4 fad prove, which boasted real tigers garmented in galoshes made from the highly considered surface of lions.( It didnt; but you believed it, didnt you ?)

The month in a Kanye title: Highlights

October: Cancelled pictures( part two) and Grammy politics( part 1)

The Saint Pablo tour encountered its first hitches, when West trod off stagecoach halfway through a depict after learning that Kim had been parted from her self-possessions at gunpoint by a gang in Paris. He then cancelled two displays, moving them to December( more on that later ). As for the robbers, they absconded on bicycles. Simply thought youd like to know that detail. He was feeling feisty by now, and when the Saint Pablo tour resumed, he told the crowd in Oakland how the 2017 Grammys needed to pan out: The album I listen to the most this year is Frank Ocean album. Ill tell you this right now, if his album is not nominated in no categories, Im not showing up to the Grammys. As masters, weve got to come together to fight the bullshit. This was entirely consistent with his programme on gives phenomena, which has usually consisted of publicly illustrating sometimes to the recipients face, while they receiving such apportioned why he thought someone else should have got the gong.

The month in a Kanye title : No More Party in LA

November: Cancelled shows( role three) and Trump time( part 1)

There will be no armchair diagnosis here, but goodness knows November was not a great month in Westworld. Addressing the crowd at his San Jose show, he said he hadnt voted in the presidential election, but if “hes having”, he would have voted for Donald Trump. The crowd was unimpressed. Nor, apparently, were they triumphed round by his explanation that a Trump presidency would coerce prejudiceds into the open. A few weeks later, in Sacramento, he launched into a rant against Beyonc, Hillary Clinton, radio stations and Mark Zuckerberg. He managed to play three chants before stepping off stagecoach. And that was that for the Saint Pablo tour, which was rapidly cancelled when West was admitted to hospital to be treated for tired. He stayed for a week before being discharged.

The month in a Kanye title : Lost in the World

December: Grammy politics( part two) and Trump time( part two)

The Grammy nominations were announced, and West had some good news and some bad news. The good bulletin was that he got eight nominations. The bad news was that none of them were in the big categories record of the year, book of the year, song of the year, or even good city peer book, though he did get a best rap album gesture. The worsened report was that Frank Ocean didnt get any nominations, though that was because he didnt submit an entryway before the 30 September cutoff date. Well see whether West deposits to his promise to boycott the apportions on 12 February. If he was feeling rejected, he could at least take comfort in The Life of Pablo being voted the fourth excellent album of its first year by Guardian commentators.

When Donny satisfied Kanye Trump and West after their summit meeting. Photograph: Rex/ Shutterstock

But, hey, Grammys, bolt you West had big fish to fry. Not simply any big fish, but the most crucial fish of all. The whale shark of fried fish. A fish so big youd need to open a series of chippies to fry it. And that fish had a name: Donald Trump. It would be fair to say the general reaction when West went to meet the president-elect in Trump Tower the taste-free skyscraper in Manhattan that is Trumps Bond-villain lair was not, I cant wait to hear what these two far-famed purveyors of commonsense have to say, so much as, Good God, even he should know this is beyond the pale. But no; he didnt think it beyond the pale to repeat the movements of Nigel Farage. The conclude for high-level visits, he told, was to discuss multicultural issues, including browbeat, reinforcing educators, modernising curriculums and violence in Chicago. Were sure Trump has now placed them top of his policy agenda. He then signed off with a hashag: #2024. Which surely entails West is planning to run for the White House in 2024, after two terms of Trump. On the bright side, it entails he seems to have gone back on his threat are participating in 2020.

The month in a Kanye title : So Appalled

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