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So, it is about to change KFC is an effective enticement for pulling feral “cat-o-nine-tails”

The secret recipe to seducing feral felines? It’s KFC .
Image: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

What’s the difference between obscenely hungover parties and feral felines?

The unwavering desire for fried meat, of course.

Apparently, Kentucky Fried Chicken happens to be the secret part in helping control the feral feline person, which poses a constant gamble to over 100 native species in Australia.

Parks Victoria staff invested A $260( US $193) during seven visits to the same KFC store in a four “months time”, according to The Guardian . An unnamed Parks Victoria staff member told the bulletin outlet the fast food is “widely known to be the most effective bait for seducing feral cats.”

A feral “cat-o-nine-tail” catches and eats a crimson rosella chick at an unknown place in Australia.

Image: AP Photo/ Department of the Environment, C. Potter

Dr Guy Ballard, from the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit at the University of New England, told Mashable via email had reaffirmed that parties do indeed use it.

“Although it is not standard practice for our own study group, I’m aware that many parties use KFC( or other fried chicken or fish) as a meat enticement option when attempting to trap feral felines in enclosure captures, ” he said.

The revelation goes as the state’s situation minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced an independent review into the authorities’ credit card employment on Monday, quoting “a large number” of transactions and cards available to staff.

Feral felines now cover 99.8 per cent of Australia, and have already driven 20 Australian mammals to extinction.

The feral “cat-o-nine-tail” person fluctuates “between 2.1 million when times are lean, up to 6.3 million when pervasive rain solutions in abundance of available target, ” Dr Sarah Legge from The University of Queensland said in a statement.

Hey, whatever works.

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