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Renzo Mongiardino: The Designer Who Seduced with Illusion

He was the master of apparition, a male entrusted to it under global judges of delicacy including Marella Agnelli, Jil Sanders, Lee Radziwill, and Elsa Peretti to transform their residences. For many, the Genoa-born Renzo Mongiardino was the creator who elevated interior design into an art way are worth longevity. A brand-new volume out from Rizzoli, The Interiors and Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision , with envy-inducing picture by Guido Taroni, captures the sumptuous set-like-yet-livable excellence of his rooms. It is hard not to do what a acquaintance of mine undergoing a redevelopment recently did when he saw the book on my desk and began flip-flop through. “Oh,” he exhaled.” To have had those mansions, those budgets, and Mongiardino .”

To the casual commentator, interior design over the past half-century has bifurcated into two camps–minimalist and maximalist. Mongiardino, who died in 1998, somehow managed to have a paw in both camps–or perhaps transcended such sweeping categories. His task, in the words of one of the book’s gives, the opera director and decorator Patrick Kinmonth, was ” never mobbed hitherto wonderfully rich .”

The walls were, and still are, what charmed me about Mongiardino. The compositions, patterns, emblazons, and decorative objects genuinely were painterly in their vision. This notebook &# x27; s photographs–especially at the villa in Pordenone from 1993 -1 994 and at an apartments in Milan in the 1970 s and 80 s–let his walls talk.

A little taste from the book of his tolerating employment can be found below.

This palace across from the Colosseum was given a 20 th century makeover that could have clowned love of Roman palaces like Doria-Pamphilj, Colonna, and Pallavicini-Rospigliosi. The guest, writes the book’s columnist,” has a very pleasant superstar of having been transported, by sorcery, into the mesmerizing ambiance of the seventeenth-century Grand Tour .”

Guido Taroni

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