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Photographer Marcus Hyde’s History Of Predatory Behavior Exposed

Warning: Such articles contains descriptions of sexual assault and harassment, and may be triggering for some readers .

Over the past couple of years, we’ve gotten more and more evidence that almost all men are trash, but there are still more skeezy dudes who haven’t been uncovered yet. While it generally induces bigger headlines when a famed performer or politician gets accused of sex mismanagement, this stuff happens in literally every industry. And candidly, I feel like it happens in the fashion industry a lot. Famous photographers like Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Terry Richardson, and Bruce Weber have all accused persons of sexual harassment and assault by numerous people, and now we can add Marcus Hyde, who’s commonly known as Kim Kardashian’s photographer, to the list.

The Instagram account Diet Prada is well known for christen out questionable action in the fashion industry, whether it’s an influencer simulating a designer, or a label guilty of cultural appropriation. This week they’re at it again, this time exposing celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde and his history of predatory demeanor. Marcus is known for his provocative( often partially or amply nude) photos, and has worked with major idols like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

On Sunday night, Marcus Hyde posted the photo below to his Instagram story, asking questions patterns to respond if they wanted to shoot with him. A girl named Sunnaya, who has over 19,000 adherents on Instagram, responded, and the resulting messages immediately parent some major red flags. Marcus told Sunnaya that he would hit her nude for free, but only if she transported him nude photos of herself firstly, so he could see if she was ” worth it .” If she wouldn’t mail nude photos, he would accuse her $2,000 to shoot her.

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Gross @ marcushyde. @kimkardashian @arianagrande, come get your boy and school him some respectability. Last-place nighttime, Los Angeles model and interior design student @sunnnaya responds to luminary photographer’s Instagram story seeking examples for a shoot. What transpired in their DM was nothing short of the typical predatory douchebaggery you’d expect via shady Instagram “castings” by slimy busters. With her partisans backing her up and sharing her upright, Hyde had a simple reply: “suck a fatty big-hearted dick”. That’s sure to get you qualities with the dames, Marcus.* #marcushyde #kimkardashian #kendalljenner #khloekardashian #arianagrande #photographer #celebrity #casting #model #shady #gross #kuwtk #wiwt #ootd #film #digital #camera #celeb #behindthescenes #dietprada

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Okay, so precisely from this, it’s clear that Marcus Hyde is not a great buster. It’s frankly only gross to try to use your influence as a well-known photographer to beg nudes from women under the guise of doing it for work. And if he’s behaving like this in the DM, it obviously doesn’t seem like a good theory to actually get shoot with him, nude or not.

And where there’s smoke, there’s fervour. DMs and narrations started to flood in from others who allege to have had same or much worse meetings with Marcus Hyde. Diet Prada posted several people’s DM conversations with Marcus on their narration, and if these allegations are true, it’s clear he has a pattern of behavior that’s predatory and disgusting.

First of all, Marcus Hyde has no problem contemptuou dames, from his previous comment about Sunnaya being “worth it”( vom) to this DM where says he needs nude situations to” check your person” and make sure a woman is the heavines she claims to be. Again, this isn’t the worst of his behaviour, but it’s enough proof that he’s a scumbag.

From there, the DMs shift into region that meets the line from harassment into full-blown sexual assault charges. In this story, a woman remembrances how Marcus encouraged her to masturbate during a hit so that he could get a more” real reaction .” That’s disgusting, but then Marcus started touching the example without going her approval first. Her description of how he made it seem like an accident at first is really chilling.

Speaking of gross demeanor, another person wrote to Sunnaya about how Marcus Hyde asked her to come to his hotel room at 3am to shoot. No professional photographer should ever be filming a stranger in his hotel room, and certainly not at 3am.

Another pattern that emerges within these DMs about Marcus Hyde is that most of the women who filmed with him never even assured their photos. Though Marcus is an launched photographer with a large body of work, these random” research kills” seemed to be nothing more than a front to get women into his hotel room. He knew they wanted to work with him to further their vocations, and he took advantage of this opportunity.

Here’s another DM about an extremely same scenario, where a woman felt “honored” only to shoot with Marcus Hyde, and then had her macrocosm turned upside down by this mortal. She was of the view that” the sexuality was surely not consensual ,” which, for the population living in the back, is rape.

In the wake of all these storeys about ladies being attacked and assaulted by Marcus Hyde, he soon changed his Instagram account to private before deleting it altogether. Ariana Grande, who has worked with Marcus in the past, responded to the situation on her Instagram Story.

Ariana may not have had the same negative know-hows with Marcus Hyde as others did, but she’s also not an aspiring model with a few thousand followers. Ariana did a good job of being diplomatic but direct, but Kim Kardashian’s response felt a little lacking by comparison.


Kim, like Ariana, doesn’t name Marcus Hyde in her narrative, but we undoubtedly know that’s what it’s about. The thing is, Kim intentionally acts like Marcus is some random photographer she” worked with in the past .” This is an interesting characterization of its relations, considering that they’ve worked together many times, and undoubtedly have more than precisely a professional relationship. In fact, less than a year ago, Kim posted this tweet in which she calls Marcus a “friend,” asking questions prayers after he was injured.

I’m not mad at Kim for being friends with this guy in the past, specially if we premise she had no idea about all of his problematic behavior, but it feels like a total cop out to make it sound like he could be any random guy she gratified once or twice. I’m glad she said something, but this definitely wasn’t what I “ve been waiting for”. Of trend no one feels sexual assault is good, but you can’t act like you don’t really know someone just because you don’t want to be linked to them.

I don’t know why I still expect things from Kim, but this situation is pretty high posts. Sexual piranhas are still hiding in plain sight everywhere, so spreading the awareness is important, and so is empowering the survivors of persecution and assault. While it’s a positive thing that these allegations are coming to light-headed so hopefully Marcus Hyde won’t hurt any women around the future, for the ones he’s already victimized, the damage is done.

Images: Shutterstock; diet_prada( 3 ), sunnnaya( 2 ), arianagrande/ Instagram

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Updated: July 26, 2019 — 3:21 am

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