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Beings Would Pay Hundreds For This Coffee Table, But You Can Acquire One At Dwelling

If you desire vintage-inspired dwelling decoration, you probably know that rustic coffee counters like this one sell for upwards of $500 online.

But Instructables user cabueckers surely didn’t invest that is something that on his.

Not even close, actually. By the time all was said and done, he shelled out less than $50. After picking up an old doorway that he found on Craigslist for $10, he decided to turn it into a lush explanation slouse for his living room.

Check out his process below if you want to add one of these knockouts to your residence!

Here’s what the door looked like when he bought it. Nothing special, right? But not for long!

First, he evaluated the 3 divisions of panels he’d need to construct the coffee table — 2 shorter ones for the legs and a longer piece for the tabletop.

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After this organization is cut, he lodged the legs to the crown with timber adhesive and heavy screws.

He recommends using profundity guides to ensure that the clamps get in far enough to hold everything in place without divulging through to the other side.

After that, all it needed was a nice coat of paint! The ingeniou crafter used sandpaper to strategically scrape some of it away for a more rustic look.

Looking at the finished product is giving me a serious instance of living room envy.

Home decor can cost a ton, but if you start looking at offbeat substances in more inventive rooms, there’s no restraint to what you can do on a fund! Will you give this project a try?

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