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One Artist Grows A Home Decor Staple Into Something Perfectly Stupefying

Interior design, even on an amateur grade, is entertaining. Creating your own personal glad home with constituents that bring your vision to life is a huge accomplishment, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve been settled for fairly some time.

While it’s easy to get super creative in the decoration department, there are some staples which is usually don’t change with the times. If it ain’t violated, don’t tie it, right? Turkish arena carpets and crystal chandeliers are stupefying, functional, and have been remarkably withstood the test of season. But Adam Wallacavage — an creator with a panache for reinventing the wheel — is throwing all of that to the wind by creating stupendous chandeliers that take the expression “statement piece” to an entirely new grade.

On a caprice that could easily have swept over into tacky field, Wallacavage sculpts bright chandeliers with a nautical twist.

An avid lover of all things kitschy, Wallacavage utilizes plaster to generate tentacles that are at once realistic and whimsical.

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As for his inspiration, this project — which has taken up residency in galleries around the country — was born after he came here across a turn-of-the-century jellyfish chandelier that he couldn’t quite afford at the time. At that moment, he merely decided to draw from a number of aspects of the portion and realise his own.

“I don’t work with glass, ” he explained to Philly.com, “but I do plaster, and I recollect was of the view that an octopus would work.” And it did, with echoing success.

These handmade ponders go for a pretty penny, so if you want to add a Wallacavage original to your home, start saving now.

Adam Wallacavage seems like a pretty cool guy( which would make sense, since these chandeliers are clearly the fruits of a boundless curiosity ), so if you want to keep up with his run, premier over to his website. Follow him on Instagram for regular updates!

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