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Until lately, it’s possible that most people outside of France knew more about Emmanuel Macron’s relationship with his wife than they did about the new French president’s policies. His entry on the international stage changed that. Macron, 39, grabbed onto President Donald Trump’s hand hard and didn’t let go. He shared some bromantic instants with Justin from Canada. He dispensed with whitewashed diplomatic hyperbole and told Russian President Vladimir Putin what he truly thought of state-controlled media and warned against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. On Friday, Macron told American scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and other people disappointed by Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate conformity that they could find two seconds homeland in France.” I can assure you, France will not dispense with the fight, ” he responded. And then this tweet departed viral 😛 TAGEND

2) Seeking World Peace? The U.S. Is No Role Model

If you want to live in quietnes, move to Iceland. The island nation once again topped a ranking of the world’s more peaceful countries. The contemplate looks at indications such as misdemeanour, political instability, prison person, military spending, impact of terrorism and participation in external conflicts. The U.S. graded No. 114, falling five places, mainly because of perceived violation degrees and intra-state conflicts.” Both backs of the political divide[ watch] the other as a danger to the commonwealth ,” added Steve Killelea, founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace, which produces the position, in an interview.

3) Ivanka Trump Strikes It Rich. Just Not With the Rich.

Don’t be fooled by Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. The ritzy department stores made a arouse when they descended Ivanka Trump products earlier this year, quoting the brand’s productivity. But marketings are really up 21% in 2016. So what hands? The brand developed by the president’s eldest daughter has evolved. She initially wanted to target indulgence customers who were interested in, for example, jewelry for $1,000 and up, but below ultra-high-end emporia that sell parts for $50,000. She even had a Madison Avenue boutique.” Somewhere along the way, though, Ivanka Trump went downmarket. Her description now represents a much more meagre image, perhaps recognise exactly where on the retail continuum her commodities genuinely reside ,” Bloomberg’s Kim Bhasin and Lindsey Rupp write. The jewelry part of the business closed earlier this year, and you can still find abundance of product. At accumulations like T.J. Maxx.

4) This Is What the Collapse of Oil Looks Like

What happens if the large-scale lubricant companionships are wrong? Conglomerates like Exxon Mobil add we’ll necessary lots of petroleum for decades to come, although there are electrical vehicles and alternative energy sources seem to be taking off. Bloomberg’s Jessica Shankleman and Hayley Warren crunched the numbers and found that energy efficiency alone could fuel-efficiency standards and other betters could justification petroleum demand to subside. Electric vehicles will stimulate even more shattering. Then calls the risk of being alternative gas, such as biofuels or liquefied natural gas.” A necessitate switching on this scale would have spectacular repercussions for petroleum makes, who are among the world’s biggest companies today ,” they write.

5) Petit dejeuner or Petit Larceny?

These daylights, eateries seem to expend all of their investors’ money on interior design and bespoke touches. So it hurts when diners, unavoidably, going to go with more than a full belly. At Megu, a Japanese eatery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, 65 layers worth $ 500 apiece have gone missing since October. At The Spotted Pig, beings often take pillows from banquettes and pig medals. Others take Jo Malone candles. Bloomberg’s Kate Krader has a great roundup of all the crazy trash you’re stealing from restaurants.( They know you’re doing it .)

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