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Kylie Hosted The Most Extra Thanksgiving Ever& You Have To Picture The Photos

If there’s anything the Kardashians do well, it’s being super fucking extra for the holidays. Too selfies, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. This year, Kylie Jenner hosted the large-scale lineage Thanksgiving, and social media showed us that she did the absolute most.

To host a Kardashian Thanksgiving, you of course have to start with the world’s longest breakfast nook table. It’s ambiguous where this monstrous table comes from, but it would absolutely not fit in your home. Kylie’s table also has modern chairs that look like they’re different cheek kit tints, because why would she have any other chairs? She is an icon of interior design.

The plates at the table have the word “Thankful” reproduced on them, which is cool because that means they’re literally exclusively ever going to be used once. Like, we could probably compensate our lease for the next three months with the money they spent on those illustrations. Whatever, we’re not going to get worked up over this.

The food, for the most side, gazed pretty normal. Turkey, cranberries, stuffing–there were no giant salads in plastic container from what we could see. Where the Kardashians rotated all the room up, nonetheless, was dessert. Kylie Snapchatted an elaborate flaunt of donuts and chocolate-dipped pretzels roosted on some kind of tree, and there were also certain kinds of chocolate pumpkins, as well as little gingerbread pies. None of these are something a normal party could make at home.

So Kylie might not be saying anything about her suspect maternity, but it certainly looks like she’s dining for two. Even though our Thanksgiving table will probably never look like this, we’re appreciative that we have all of “youve got to” talk shit with. It represents more than tradition layers ever could.

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