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Kim Kardashian Mentioned Getting A Surrogate And Twitter Is Already Lining Up

Kim Kardashian West wants your womb and she craves it now.

On Sunday nighttimes escapade of Deterring Up withthe Kardashians, Kimmy explored the opportunities offered by enlisting a replacement to carry her third progeny after doctors alerted her another maternity would be high-risk, or, as drama mummy Kris Jenner worded it,

You could hemorrhage to death.

Following the ep, followers on Twitter began throwing their waist tutors into the ring to carry Kim and Kanyes baby.

In a mere 2 day, a wondrous selection of potential surrogates had now been drew themselves available to the Wests.

Kim, Kanye, meet your prospective surrogates:

First upis Emily. Shes a licensed social worker who too guides a seasonal Christmas tree farm( ambitious !). Her category has a record of teenager diabetes, but they also have a history of responsibly managing their own youth diabetes.

Meet Kate. Shes a champ cage fighter with an seeing for interior design. In college, her sorority sisters give her decorate the common room without any input from the group because she had the best style and the richest parents. Kate hasnt had a fever since 1998.

This is Joseeee. He is a man and does not have ovaries or a womb or a birth canal, but hes a hard worker and he memorizes rapidly. Anything is possible.

Next up: Ashhley. What she shortfall in hand/ eye coordination she makes up for with her ability to start a fire with two dry deposits, Oregon Trail-style. She has a BA in Brochure Literature from SUNY Binghamton and loves to indoor hike.

Hey there, Kaci! Kaci is a self-described pimp who applies Twitter to keep track of her hoes. Thats right, an entrepreneur! Kaci is rumored to be a descendent of Edward Rutledge, a very young signer of the Declaration of Independence. Her blood type is AB Negative, so good luck with that.

Wow. Truly wow. With so many superb nominees to choose from, its not topics of will Kimye elect a surrogate for their third progeny, but when .

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