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Kia Imagine concept car pokes fun at screens in EVs

Those are smartphone screens lined up .
Image: kia

The Geneva Motor Show car expo in Switzerland is no stranger to some bizarre and funky designs for future vehicles. This year, Kia’s Imagine all-electric concept car may take the cake, simply based on its interior design.

The Imagine car looks like your usual futuristic, hyper-realistic electrical sedan based on an existing automobile representation( in this case the Kia’s hybrid Niro ). Here it was this week at the demonstrate πŸ˜› TAGEND

The Kia Imagine concept car looks like most vehicles on display until you look inside.

Image: Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images

But then you take a look inside, and you know the car is poking fun at service industries. Behind the driver’s rotate and extending along the dashboard are 21 smartphone screens jaggedly arranged.

What a look.

Image: Kia

In a press release, Kia shared that it’s very conscious of the “wry sense of[ feeling] ” that went into the design. The designer said here screens are a “humorous and irreverent riposte to the on-going competition among some automotive manufacturers to see that we are able to make the car with the biggest screen.”

Byton’s M-Byte electric SUV debuted at CES last year and will arrive in China afterward this year with its 48 -inch front screen and other screens throughout the car, even on the steering wheel. The Tesla Model 3 interior is too focused around the center console screen, where everything from climate control to the radio is controlled.

The release calls the “screen-wall” of phones in the Kia “a fresh and whimsical approaching on how to move away from traditional fixed screens.” That has to be a dig at the Tesla tablet.

But even though they are it’s mocking the in-screen infatuation under the present lineup of electric vehicles, the phone screens are still supposed to function and informed about motorists like the speedometer, sailing, climate control, and music.

As this is a concept car, don’t are expecting a phone-lined dashboard anytime soon. Still, it could invigorate the next generation of auto designers.

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