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Kanye West’s Ikea line should beat Justin Timberlake’s homeware

Everything needs to be architected, the rapper formerly said and now hes in negotiations with Ikea, where his minimalist esthetics could testify a good fit

Alongside the trusty Billy bookcase and the Dombs wardrobe, Ikea could soon ensure the Yeezy bedside table, after Kanye West declared his desire to collaborate with the Swedish furniture giant in no uncertain terms.

Yo Ikea, allow Kanye to create, he said in an interview on BBC Radio 1 on Monday. I have to work with Ikea become furniture for interior design, for architecture.

The announcement follows Wests trip to the Ikea headquarters in March, when he tweeted that he was super invigorated, and that his subconsciou was racing with the possibilities, after a behind the scenes peek into the glamorous macrocosm of plywood and allen keys.

But those hoping to get their hands on a variety of pimped-up flat-packs will be sorely disappointed: West described his eyesight as a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm.

A glimpse of what the bud hip-hop furniture designers array might look like is also possible reaped from Twitter, where West has already posted his sketchy strategy for a bed for the master bedroom at his and Kim Kardashians $20 m Hidden Hills mansion.

KANYE WEST (@ kanyewest) April 2, 2016

I’ve been trying to figure out the plot design for the master bedroom at our Hidden Hills compound … pic.twitter.com/ aEPqoBGY4b

It is less MTV Cribs than, well, Ikea. In fact it bears more than a happen similarity to the companys spartan Malm compas, yours from 165 ($ 220 ).

The millionaire rapper is no stranger to design cooperations, had now been put his refer to managers for Nike and Adidas, and propelled his own Yeezy label. Im going to be the first hip-hop decorator, he testified, and because of that Imma be bigger than Walmart.

Clearly sincere in his ambition to defeat the design world-wide, he even dropped by Harvards Graduate School of Design to share his ardour with the students. I genuinely was of the opinion that “the worlds” can be saved through layout, he told the made crowd, and everything needs to actually be architected.

Wests outing into the world of interior decor follows a rich and hapless tradition of fames rotating their hands to home furnishings, a sector which appears to be the last resort when the sportswear and fragrance slews have all fallen through.

Who could forget Justin Timberlakes folksy homeware range, Home Mint, launched in 2012 and discontinued shortly thereafter, which called complete with daily online layout tips-off? Lend timeless elegance to any bedroom with French crochet, he proposed. Nor was he afraid of tackling the contentious topics manager on: Red walls: cherish them or not for me ?

I like very clean, almost modern building, and such obstacles with something like that is clearing it exceedingly heated, because it doesnt naturally give itself to that, Timberlake told Elle Decor. With everything we do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right. To construct pieces and areas the hell is multifaceted, that meld different categories of architecture and design.

West could also memorized a happening or two from Cindy Crawford, who has long presided over a enormous assortment of sofas and bedroom gives for furniture megastore Rooms to Go. An accomplished domestic goddess, she has managed to turn her hand to everything from faux-antique timber-panelled four posting berths to wipe-clean beige sofas that would lend a suggestion of functional form to any old folks home.

A table motif by Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro. Photo: Supplied

Or perhaps hell depart the full Brad Pitt and develop a learned interest in architecture and layout, cultivating pals such as Frank Gehryand Rem Koolhaas, and referring his abilities to the design of disaster relief house. Pitts so into design he even went on a tour of Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater house for his birthday.

I obtained Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point recognition to get out of French, he told Architectural Digest. It eternally changed my life.

You might care French had captured his imagination a bit more. Beyond his partnerships with Frank Gehry, Pitt has also penned his own furniture scope with decorator Frank Pollaro, which looks like hes taken every one of his eclectic influences from Artistries and Crafts to Bauhaus and Tiffany lamps and pulverized them in a blender. Anyone for a lily-white patent leather sofa, or a spiralling gold-plated coffee counter?

So what about Kanyes guiding aesthetic forces, and the key blueprint touchstones that will define his collecting?

My No 1 blueprint the principles of the rule of anything I do, he tweeted, is that Kim has to like it.

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