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Kanye West Reveals New Details About His Potential Run For President In 2020

Kim Kardashian West has a profession, OK? She can’t be standing over the stove for hours constructing sure Kanye West‘s greens are exhaustively cooked.

Hmm? What do you necessitate, What is her job? Let’s not play this game all day. You know I don’t know. No one does.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Ye contended his wife concocts him a hearty meal on Soul Food Sundays, but she stops abruptly at prepping greens.

The rapper reportedlytold Mac,

When my spouse concoct for me I will always ask for commons and she never wants to concoct the greens because they take 3 hour to cook.

Fair enough. Cooking is a work to begin with, and Kimmy’s selfies aren’t gonna snap themselves.

Once Kanye starts designing his front of minimalist furniture, Kim will probably be off the hoo oh, what? Yes, I suggested furniture.

The 39 -year-old is eager to collaborate with IKEA so you’ll have way cooler homes to put your TV, like IN a WALL.

He shared,

I have to work with IKEA — acquire furniture for interior design, for architecture and I know that if I do a minimalist suite inside of a college dormitory where the Tv goes on the side of the wall.’ Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I crave a bottom that he makes, I require a chair that he makes — I want more commodities from Ye.’

Just FYI: The second half of that paraphrase was virtually Kanye spoke of the third largest party about how severely he and everyone with nowhere smoke to make their Tv necessitates this IKEA collab. Naturally.

Kanye’s going to have to get to couch designing supes rapidly if he still plans to run for POTUS in 2020, which, spoiler, he does, despite not having any political views.

He illustrated,

When I talk about the idea of being chairwoman, I’m not mentioning I have any political views, I don’t have beliefs on politics, I simply have a judgment on humanity, on beings, on the truth. If there is anything that I can do with my time and my era, to somehow make a difference while I’m alive I’m going to try to do it.

It seems like Kanye has some clearly articulated political the perspectives and a keen awareness of the current political climate, citing 500 teenagers getting killed in Chicago a year and seven police shootings in the beginning of July, but if he wants to play it cool we’ll give him.

While the idea of a chairwoman who engages in petty brawl with Taylor Swift is a tremendous bummer, Ye’s vow to perpetrate his time to making a difference in the lives of the marginalized is one we can all stand behind proudly.

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Updated: June 24, 2017 — 3:20 am

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