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John Oliver on Stephen Miller:’ Entitled, elitist asshole who refuses to take responsibility’

On Last Week Tonight, Oliver handled a range of recent Trump disagreements, by the president Boy Scouts speech and the proposed immigration bill

On Last-place Week Tonight, John Oliver took be targeted at the Trump administration for its continued, self-generated chaos, addressing the presidents notes about his speech to the Boy Scouts jamboree, the White House not assembling his criteria, embarrassing disclosed telephone call transcripts with other world leaders and advisor Stephen Millers contentious exchange with members of the press regarding the administrations proposed immigration legislation.

Much like the break-up of western civilization, we begin tonight with Donald Trump, the Donald Trump Jr of American chairpeople, Oliver began. Trump is taking a 17 -day vacation from toil, which entails, more importantly, America may be getting a 17 -day vacation from Trump.

Although while hes there he will still have access to the nuclear systems and, even worse, wifi, so dont tighten, never loosen, your life is still a torture chamber of panic and hysterium, the legion continued. Trump was leaving following the conclusion of what the White House has seen American Dream week, which Trump chose to mark by humiliating as numerous American institutions as he perhaps could.

Oliver then recapped some of the debates that engulfed the government departments last week, by the president lie that the president of the Boy scout called him to praise his speech at the festivity, and a report in Golf magazine that Trump called the White House a dump.

Yes, it seems a little peculiar to call an objectively grandiose palace a drop, Oliver said, also noting that Trump refuted the story in a tweet. Until you remember that Trumps flavour in interior design is a cross between C-3POs colon and a museum where “no ones ever” learned anything.

The journalist who wrote that floor stood by it, stating that Trump said this in front of eight or nine people, which is actually a quite brilliant style to get Trump to confirm it: approximate the dimensions of the his audience and just wait for him to redress you, Oliver joked before lampooning the presidents preoccupation with crowd size.

I didnt call the White House a dump in front of eight or nine parties; I said it in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and all of them were tens, and all of them loved it and the next day everyone called me and told me “no ones ever” done a better job of calling the White House a dump.

Oliver continued: I dont want to give you the impression it was only Trump in the White House assaulting cornerstones of America this week. It was also Stephen Miller, programme adviser and Vitamin D-deficient minion. It is genuinely hard to find photographs of him not looking like a minion.

Miller spoke to the press this week about the White House support for a punitive immigration proposal, which would trounce legal immigration in half over a decade and represent citizenship contingent on factors such as English ability, education levels and job skills, Oliver explained.

He then evidenced the now-notorious footage of Millers heated exchange with Jim Acosta, CNNs White House correspondent, about the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty; Miller said the lyric was included afterward, rendering its theme unimportant.

Just because it wasnt part of the original does not mean it is worthless, Oliver reacted. Some of the best things ever realise were changed partway through. Did you know, for instance, there was a era when the Fast& Furious movies didnt have The Rock in them? Its true-life, and they sucked. Thats why they added the fucking Rock.

That clearly wasnt the greatest patch of communication from Stephen Miller, so naturally the White House is now considering him for the communications administrator chore, taking over for the dearly departed Mooch, Oliver said, proceeding to delve into Millers controversial history.

Hes 31 human years old, Oliver joked. Hes the same age as the Olsen twins. The extent is Miller is so young that there are actually videos on the internet of what he was like in high school.

Oliver then established an old video of Miller campaigning for student authority; in it, he says he is tired of being asked to pick up his own rubbish, adding that there are plenty of porters to do it for us.

He is rightfully one of the most uprising humans, parentheses minions, I have ever seen, Oliver said. In a course, there is no more fitting spokesperson for the Trump administration than an entitled, elitist asshole who refuses to take responsibility for the mess he makes and that we are able to somehow was also able to pick a fight with a fucking statue.

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