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Jean-Paul Gaultier submits out as clothes designer after 50 years

Gaultier says his high-end fashion and smell business will continue along with a new abstraction as yet to be revealed

The renowned decorator Jean-Paul Gaultier is bending out from creating robes after a 50 -year career, he has said. But he has told fans not to worry, because he is likely to be turning his hands to other artistic projects.

While his high-end fashion and fragrance business will continue, Gaultier will take a step back from designing wears, he said. The designer tweeted the bulletin in a video berth on Friday, saying his next Paris show, on Wednesday, is likely to be his last.

” I’m going to give you a scoop ,” he was filmed saying in a jokey telephone conversation, done as if speaking to a writer.” This is likely to be my last-place haute couture testify. My last-place Gaultier Paris show. You “re coming”, you can’t miss that.

” But, but, but I can rest assured: Gaultier Paris will continue, haute couture will continue. I have a new abstraction; I’ll tell you about it later, I’ll tell you all the little secrets. But it is going to continue .”

Jean Paul Gaultier (@ JPGaultier)

This show celebrating 50 years of my profession will also be my last-place. But rest assured Haute Couture will continue with a brand-new concept. pic.twitter.com/ PJCC5 3K4tm

January 17, 2020

Gaultier, 67, who famously introduced Madonna in a conical bra and whose first individual accumulation was presented in 1976, has long been known for urge borderlines in fashion, blurring the lines between men’s and women’s clothing.

His irreverent style and provoking honour wreak him both glory and contempt from other clothes designer. In 2018, for example, he caused a tongue-in-cheek fashion range inspired by cigarettes.

In recent years he drooped more regular accumulations, focusing on producing one-of-a-kind scopes presented during haute couture fashion weeks in Paris.

His brand confirmed that his plans to step back pertained exclusively to his pattern and incense business.

Gaultier, 67, stopped designing ready-to-wear robes in 2015 to concentrate on haute couture- handmade robes that simply the world’s richest people are able to afford.

Jean-Paul Gaultier with a catwalk example at his outpouring/ summer 2008 show in Paris. Photograph: Francois Guillot/ AFP via Getty Images

But, as late as last year, he held he had no intention of putting down his scissors, although he despaired of animal rights activists pushing him to stop using furs.

A teenage prodigy who is increased to fame in the 1980 s, when the Paris fashion scene was at its most decadent, Gaultier also carved out a similarity video vocation as the co-presenter of a ribald sequence, Eurotrash.

In 2018, he staged his own thump cabaret depict based loosely on his life story, announced Fashion Freak Show, which opened at the Folie Bergere in Paris.

A spokeswoman for Gaultier’s label said that the designer would be back. But, like the ex-serviceman Japanese clothes developer Kenzo Takada, who has moved into interior design, it would be in other areas of creativity.

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