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Il Sereno Is Europe’s Most Luxurious New Hotel

Didnt snag an invite to crash with George and Amal Clooney at their villa in Lake Como this summer? Shrug it off. All the cool minors are remaining somewhere else this year anyway.

Opening on August 1, Il Sereno Lago di Como is one of 2016s most passionately expected inn debutsand perhaps the buzziest, most stylish new plaza to stay in all of Europe. Its a spinoff of the exclusive Le Sereno in Saint Barthlemy, built by the same proprietors; its on the edge of a cliff in a quiet and secluded Como town announced Torno, set on the southwestern angle of the glamorous, horseshoe-shaped lake.

Poolside at Il Sereno Lago di Como
Source: Sereno Hotels

But this isnt simply another Lake Como magnificent dame, fitted with century-old antiques or humbled velvet window drapes. This is Lake Como for the next generation. Its less Oscar de la Renta and more Alexander Wang.

The hotels 30 suites run upwards of $800 per darknes and are already sold out for the first few weeks. For those who can get in while its still peak season, heres a primer on the hotels most impressive layout boasts. Pocket the intel and your fellow jetsetters will think youre already a regular.

Custom Piece EverywhereIncluding Some You Can Buy

The chambers at Il Sereno Lago di Como .
Source: Sereno Hotels

Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola is known for many things. Shes designed furniture collectings for Louis Vuitton and B& B Italia, has work in New Yorks Museum of Modern Art, and payed royal distinction in her home country of Spain. Shes been called the most important female decorator in “the worlds” today by the CEO of the Italian home layout brand Boffi. So when you tell an interior design aficionado that youre sleeping in chambers of her layout, as you will at Il Sereno, their ears will perk up, guaranteed.

Owner Luis Contreras and his partners demonstrated Urquiola two main mandates: form the same open conception feel that forms the St. Barths property so special, and use as numerous local artisans as is practicable.( Milan, after all, is less than 40 miles awayand the countryside between the mode capital and Como is home to many of the worlds best furniture producers .)

The floating, copper-encased stairwell in the lobby .
Source: Sereno Hotels

In the airy, living room-like lobby, Urquiola and a local developer have created a 22 -foot-tall walnut wood staircase where every step consider this to be its floating in mid-air. As if it wasnt spectacular enough, the whole concept is shrouded by a boxy organize made from copper pipes.

Nearly all of the furniture in the lobby and suites comes from top Italian calls like B& B Italia, Cassina, and Moltenimuch of it purpose-designed by Urquiola and then invented locally. Even the mattresses for the bottom are made a few miles from Como, said Contreras in an interview.

The lobby, including Urquiola’s Silverlake armchairs .
Source: Sereno Hotels

The most special segments to look out for: geometric Silverlake armchairs designed by Urquiola and produced by Moroso( test-drive them in the lobby and buy here for $1,700, if you so desire ); and sculpted wood tables in all of the suites terraces. They tables are acquired in Botswanaone of the few exceptions to the all-Italian ruleand run a cool $7,000. The tally for 30 of them: nearly a quarter-million dollars.

The Chicest Way to Get to Dinner in Bellagio

Take in the Lake Como architecture from your tradition Riva barge .
Source: Sereno Hotels

No trip to Como is complete without zipping all over the pond, James Bond-style, in a glisten, all-wood motorboat. Il Sereno has two of them, custom-designed by Urquiola and crafted by boatbuilding mythologies at the 250 -year-old Cantiere Ernesto Riva. Their distinctive characteristics? Extra tall cabins, in order to be allowed to comfortably stand up to take in the vistum. Use them to zip up to Bellagio, a half hour north of Torno townno license needed.

The Most Serene Place for Sundowners in All of Como

Il Sereno’s prime terrace .
Source: Sereno Hotels

Sit on the hotels prime terrace, rowed with plush sofas and nest chairs in ivory and lumber atmospheres, and youll have picture-perfect looks in all directions. Straight ahead: the wide open plain of Lake Como, with terracotta ceilings peeking out from the mountains along its shores. Above you: open skies, or retractable shadows in a bright grey cloth. And behind you: Le Mirroir Vert du Lac ( “The Lakes Green Mirror” ), one of two horizontal garden-varieties created for the inn by world-class botanist Patrick Blanc. Its made up of 2,000 individual plants and more than 130 individual species, according to Contreras.

Where VIPs Will Stayand a Quick History Lesson

A lakeside view of Villa Pliniana
Source: Sereno Hotels

About a half-mile from Il Sereno, the Contreras family is operating another, traditionally bred exclusive-use dimension announced Villa Pliniana, which also makes layout from Urquiola. It dates to the 16 th century and is set on 18 lakefront a-ones, with 19 bedrooms and three stand-alone villas on its floors.( The whole plaza sleeps 39 clients .) If youre seeing personalities and their entourages or wed of the century, youre recognize onnot least because of the villas incredibly history.

Villa Pliniana, from above
Source: Sereno Hotels

According to a rep for the inn, the villas website was noted in the history books as early as the first century A.D ., when Pliny the Elder wrote about a fountain in its quadrangle. Among its later protagonists: Napoleon and Lord Byron. Leonardo da Vinci and Percy Shelley both wrote about its elegance. Said Percy in a letter to a friend dated 1818, On one surface is the mountain, and immediately over “you think youre” the groups of cypress-trees of an startling meridian, which seem to pierce the sky. Above you from among the clouds, as it were descends a cataract of gigantic width, transgressed by the woody rocks into hundreds of thousands of channels to the pond. On the other side is insured the blue level of the pond and the mountains speckled with voyages and steeples

Inside Villa Pliniana
Source: Sereno Hotels

Not checking in with 38 of your closest friends and family? No question. Get a glimpse of the splendid dimension while youre voyaging all over the vicinity.

A Gift for Each Guest

Those splendid silk scarves in each area arent simply decorative objects. Theyre became with local silk, in decorations designed by Urquiolajust like all staff members uniformsand serve as keepsakes to take home. Beat embezzling the bathrobe.

The garden-varieties at Villa Pliniana .
Source: Sereno Hotels

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