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IKEA Small Spaces – Small ideas

Tiny suggestions are about finding as well as utilizing hidden areas and selecting furniture that does greater than one thing. It has to do with being imaginative, a little rebellious and doing what you dream about despite what does it cost? or just how little area you have. And also we assume that is a pretty big idea.


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  1. I love the second design, but the 6 friends thing just made me

  2. I think it’s genuinely an amazing concept.

    1. Sheila Pierce Gunter

      Magic sand.^0sand

      1. Oi Monica, sinto muito pelo acnemnciteoto com a Luana, que ela esteja em paz agora, ja passei por isso e sei como é difícil lidar com a doença e a perda!

  3. Ainsley Harriott

    The last one looks like a damn gulag…

  4. what about 6 people farting and snoring, terrible idea. i can’t sleep when
    one snores (wife), not to mention 6

  5. when I grow up i wanna be just like ikea be creative and design well what a
    genius of a girl is she

  6. Petra Gabriella Gazsó

    Well I live in a tiny apartment like the first one in this video, but I
    live alone, I don’t think it’s comfortable for a whole family :O
    But nice video :)

  7. sleeping, cooking, eating, studying etc in one area showing at 1.55 ah no

  8. Love the room for 6 people but only as a hostel idea. I mean who would want
    to live like this permanently. As a hostel room however that would be

  9. 6 people living together like that would probably lead to murder. Sorry,
    can’t be done lol xD

    1. It certainly depends. I could most certainly lead to murder. I did nine
      months in one room with 8 people from the USA, Canada, Europe, the Pacific
      Islands, and Asia (4 bunkbeds) and one bathroom, and we made it work. It
      was actually kind of fun making new ways to make things work because
      everyone wanted to cooperate to optimize our time living together.

      On the other hand, I live with 6 now in a 2 floor apartment and I could
      murder some people even with all the space I have.

    2. Murder by fart gas, you mean?

    3. +4surprisingly That’s the only problem with the video: they talk too much
      about having many people in small spaces. But the solutions is optimal if
      you living alone, or with a partner only. Stupid people living alone think
      they need 30 square meters for comfy living in New York City, and pay
      themselves pathetically poor for getting it, when they in reality can have
      15 square meters with the same comfort *if they do the right things* with
      the furniture.

    4. it would lead to a gangbang, not a murder.

      spread the love. and the herpes.

  10. Well done IKEA! Thanks for making life work in just enough space. 👌

  11. great video just don’t shrink your dreams!

  12. Nice tweaks to use the space.. I am all for it except sharing it with
    umpteen people

    My privacy matters the most

  13. i love the background music :)

  14. this are all great ideas. thanks!!

  15. Curtains for privacy? Really? :/

  16. Mmm .. no .. this is going way too far. Human beings are social creatures,
    it is true; but, they are also creatures that need to have some privacy and
    alone time or they tend to go mad, which is why cramming them into large
    cities is a bad idea, in the first place.

    If 6 friends HAD to live together, that might be a good design. But, the
    question “Why not?” makes me think “U.N. Agenda 21” and wonder what IKEA is
    up to. Seriously. Because, the why not is that no one should be forced to
    live that way. A communal living room with separate bedrooms might work or
    even bedrooms shared with one other person. But, that’s about as far as
    that ever should be taken.

    “Why not?” IKEA? Go and live in it for an unspecified amount of time and
    see for yourself. Just try to read in a room where someone else is watching
    a giant t.v. or where someone else is playing video games. These rooms are
    perfectly fine for those who have no thoughts in their head and no
    attention span, who are guarded to prevent them from murdering their
    companions. No one else!

    All that being said, some of the ideas are sound and could be implemented,
    in a less insane way, to good effect!

  17. this video is so cool

  18. 6 people? OMG – the smell!!

  19. Eventhough I like the ideas on this video, quality wise IKEA sucks. My Ikea
    BestA TV is so bad that my audio player just fell off from the shelf. Wish
    they had a review system that helps people know how bad their quality is.

  20. I wonder why no one sued IKEA for their cheap quality. Some walmart shelfs
    are far reliable than the IKEA crap. Shame on IKEA.

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