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How Much Carrie Bradshaw, Jenna Rink& Other Rom Com Characters Would Pay In Rent IRL

Since weve essentially been able to walk, weve been tricked into some serious relationship fuckery that modern-day desire narrations always pan out like the end of a Disney movieas if Prince Charming would actually examine every suite up and down all of Brooklyn for the status of women who perfectly fits into the shoe she left on a date. Umm Pretty sure the chances of me checking my left Aldo pump or my glory after last weekends path of dishonor are slim to good-fucking-luck. But thats not whats important here.

What Im actually here is to say is that, , nothing is what it seems when it comes to romantic films. Hate to break it to you, but not every eligible bachelorette in the tri-state neighbourhood also owns a spacious duplex with an interior design replication of Z Gallerie. Like, Im still waiting on a rom com where Katherine Heigl lives on a strict nutrition of Top Ramen and Frosted Flakes in a dumpster studio after starting broke from being forced to purchase 27 fugly bridesmaid dresses not even Sears would stand to carry. But thanks to my attentive Google research, Im now well aware that my good occupation pick has forced me to become financially dependent on a rich male these bitches would prob living a life in opening if not for this thing announced skewed sensing, or lease restraint for that matter. So here are the actual costs of their humble abodes IRL, and its literally just as un-shocking as it is annoying.

Carrie Bradshaws Apartment,

If you seriously thought that Carrie Bradshaw actually lived comfortably( and by comfortably, I symbolize living on an every day diet of brunch at the Plaza and weekly Chanel shopping orgies) on a columnists salary, youre out of your batshit attention. Her one-bedroom accommodation on the Upper East Side rate her a whopping $700 a month( good one, hire power ), but in reality, the place would go for about $3,000. Actually, in REAL reality, the building is available on West Village, and is actually a 4,100 -square-foot house with four legends, 10 rooms and six hearths. In 2012, it sold for $9.85 million aka Mr. Bigs slutty pocket change.

Carrie And Bigs Apartment,

Speaking of the devil, idk what the hell is Mr. Big even did for a living, but clearly money was all Carrie was after considering hes an actual piece of shit (# TeamAidan ). Literally the only reason she stayed with him was because she forgot her Manolos, and also that wardrobe, but like, I get it. Their accommodation was located on Fifth Avenue across from Central Park, but the interior was actually filmed in a four-story walk-up on 62 nd Street, costing $190,000 a few months to hire, or $40$ 50 million to buy. K fine, I suspect this was worth colonizing for.

Beth And Neils Loft,

Such a usual fuckboy Ben Affleck move( or just what I feel is something Ben would do) to have all the benefits of a marriage without the actual union itself, including the beautiful brick Baltimore loft on Federal Hill. Bless Jens heart for playing a reputation she actually had to live out in real life, but like, at the least they were only compensating $2,280 a month for a 2-bedroom. Steal.

Noahs Waterfront House,

Noahs fairytale fixer-upper was actually built in 1772 as a 4-bedroom waterfront property on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. Its current monthly rental rate proceeds for a whopping $12,000 again, that’s PER MONTHwhich translates to about $695 a month back in 1940. Fat chance Noahs carpentry salary could render that, so idk maybe they offered him a sick 2-for-1 discount on lumber panels. But tbh, that humankind couldve improved me a dumpster behind the house and Id still be naked on his wrap-around balcony in evidence time.

Jenna Rinks Apartment,

Jennas epic glow-up conducted her to become a big-time bitch magazine editor, so ensure that they are able to yield an accommodation on Fifth Avenue is semi-believable. On median, a one-bedroom in the building where she firstly stumbled out in lingerie goes for about $4,000 a month, or $1.3 million for purchase. Regrettably, she sold her hot pro-hockey player lover and his thingy for her formerly fatty pal, so nothing for Jenna Rink bye.

Marisas Apartment,

I dont care what you say, is the most underrated J.Lo film of all time, and this is not up for debate. Predominantly because we got a real peek of actual “Jenny from the Block”, as witnessed by her 2-bedroom Bronx apartment on E. 175 th Street, which would cost $1,300 a month today #gentrification. But also because if J.Lo can wed rich, then so can I. Communicating of red-hot prosperous men, the hotel suite rented by Christopher Marshall at the make-believe Beresford Hotel was actually filmed at the Roosevelt Hotel and the boujee Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which would go for $12 K a month. Tell me love dont expense a act now. Ill wait.

Sams Houseboat,

This giant houseboat shacking it on Lake Union in Seattle is the reason I have trust issues. If I was never forced to sit through the already amazing story of this film, Id think this thing was straight out of some lakeside fright movie. The houseboat has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lakeside pier and was last-place sold for$ 2 million in 2014, so its a neat setup. Still, something about taking a woman you literally dont know back to a drifting room on a dark reservoir just screams R.I.P.

Vivians Apartment,

Im not sure how a hustler cant afford a little nicer of a region, but Vivs paces are reportedly not cut out for big city income. Her suite in LAs Las Palmas hotel ran for a whopping $185 a few months, although median room prices per nighttime are now $300. This was yet another classic speciman of girl in distress saved by fuckboy and his wallet, seeing as Edwards 2-bed, 3-bath penthouse suite at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel ran for $38,500 per week. No think Im so fucked up.

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