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Here’s Why Bachelor Fans Are Convinced Victoria Fuller& Chris Soules Are Quarantined Together! – Perez Hilton

Former Bachelor opponents continue to keep us on our toes during this quarantine!

We giggled our way through Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron ‘ s flirty TikTok videos and created eyebrows when Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan ‘ s controversial relation blossomed during the lockdown.

Now, we’re all amply playing detective after manifestation surfaced online that season 19 contribute Chris Soules and recent alum Victoria Fuller are currently shacking up together!

It’s pretty hard for anything to get past love who, like the majority of us, are at home scrolling through our feeds for any and all forms of entertainment. Our firstly clue about Victoria and Chris came from popular blogger Reality Steve , who tweeted the two were in Soules’ hometown Iowa together last week 😛 TAGEND

One tweet simply wasn’t enough as eagle-eyed followers took to social media to scour for most compelling proof. While scrutinizing Victoria’s Instagram , some noticed the background of her Insta Story pics resembled a zone of the former Bachelor ‘ s home, which was previously featured in an interior design blog 😛 TAGEND

Other admirers likewise noticed the same tan couch and pillow appeared in both Soules’ photo and Fuller’s background during her recent video chat featuring other women from her season. Ch-ch-check it out, courtesy of @bachelor. tea ( below ):

Can you spot the similarities ?? We obviously do! That interior searches room different than any of the at-home shots on Fuller’s page dated before her meter on the ABC stumbled appearance. While you could try to make an argument this is isn’t Chris’s home, it certainly isn’t Victoria’s either!

Let’s also consider how the rumored duet posted fires of an open country orbit within an hour of each other on their IG tales the coming week, extremely 😛 TAGEND

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Updated: May 1, 2020 — 3:22 am

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