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Here’s what’s coming and going on Netflix in October 2019

It’s pumpkin season, babe. But also, it’s streaming season–especially if you’re a Netflix subscriber. The streaming giant welcomes a massive slate of original programming in October, from comedy to drama to documentary and everything in between. Selena Gomez helps as executive farmer on Living Undocumented, which chronicles the experiences of eight undocumented immigrant pedigrees risking their lives to realize their American dream. returns for a third season of exploring human sexuality, Adderall addiction, and dick pics. And repugnance love will get their fill with the lineup, comprising five original horror movies including an adaptation of Stephen King’s In the Tall Grass.

Check out the full itemizes below to see what’s new on Netflix in September.

What’s new on Netflix: Editor’s picks

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Based on the painful true the criminal offence of a serial rapist, Unbelievable graphs the long, hard road to accompanied the culprit to justice. Across two timelines, Unbelievable tells the story of Marie Adler( Kaitlyn Dever ), a woman living in Washington State who, in 2008, was accused of falsely reporting a assault to police. The other timeline is set in Colorado in 2011 and follows investigators Karen Duvall( Merritt Weaver) and Grace Rasmussen( Toni Collette) as they investigate a series of unsolved assaults across the state. The sequence juxtaposes Marie’s experiences with local police and emotional trauma with the slow-moving investigation before the two narratives dovetail. Unbelievable can be difficult to watch at times( the picture comes with a prompt telling for sexual violence ), but it is essential viewing. — Eddie Strait

Beth Dubber/ Netflix

Legendary norteno musicians Los Tigres del Norte make a musing, symbolic testimony with this concert film. By purposefully picking Folsom State Prison, where Johnny Cash recorded his famous album At Folsom Prison, Los Tigres del Norte assert themselves as troubadours of America’s new working class, one predominantly consisting of people of color. Concert footage spliced with talking-head material from the inmates–many of whom enjoy the band–makes for a forceful disagreement that Los Tigres del Norte are, in many ways, the heirs to Cash’s country music mantle and that Latinx floors are American working-class tales. — Brenden Gallagher

Los Tigres del Norte Oficial/ YouTube

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Years after a GM plant closed in Moraine, Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opened a new bush and hired American and Chinese employees to operate it. With the wide-ranging amount of access, American Factory discovers employees who’ve become closer, the American workers’ efforts to unionize, and just how far the board will go to stop those efforts as two countries’ design evaluates clang. — Michelle Jaworski

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