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GUESS Girl Bregje Heinen’s most shocking photo shoot: ‘I was wearing relatively limited clothes, like always’

Dutch model Bregje Heinen has been striking a pose since she was 14 after being discovered on social media. That was nine years ago, and the 24 -year-old has since strolled the runway for Victoria’s Secret, graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and appeared on the envelop of Maxim. And now, Heinen can call herself a GUESS Girl.

Heinen spoke with Fox News about growing up in a small town, the pickup thread that they are able to never work on her, and why some got to find her “boring” 😛 TAGEND

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Fox News : Before you became a prototype, you grew up in the Netherlands. What was that like?
Bregje Heinen : It’s a small town called Borculo that has about 7,000 people and it’s two hours away from Amsterdam. There are two barrooms and not much else to do. But it’s really nice and I have the best reminiscences from my childhood. When I grew up, I thought it was carrying, but now looking back, it’s so nice, especially in the summer. It has a lake which allows you hang out with your friends and everybody knows each other. Fox News : How were you discovered?
Heinen: I was discovered in 2007 on this website announced Hyves that’s like a Dutch form of Facebook. A slew of Dutch patterns were actually discovered through there. Photographers have asked me before to simulate, but it didn’t certainly sound legit. But then I came across Micha Emmering-Krijger of Micha Models. She seemed legit and my parents conducted an investigation into it. Then we went to meet with her, me and my momma, my father, and all my sisters, and even my bird-dog! I I did a test shoot and then we just started working right away from there.

Fox News: How do you physically prepare to look astounding in your photos?
Heinen: I try to work out 2-3 times a week, which is pretty tough sometimes because my schedule is always changing and I’m invariably traveling. But like a couple daylights before a hit I like to eat clean and drink a lot of sea. And particularly for lingerie hits, I try to stay away from sugaries, which is my biggest guilty amusement. I love, adoration sugar and anything implying sugar, cookies, whatever — I adore it all.

I try not to eat as many at least a few days before a hit. I do a lot of boxing, which is basically the only thing I enjoy because I don’t like the gym very much. It’s good to find that one thing you do experience and really try to stick with that. I’ll also do some leg and ab rehearsals, together with cardio in between. So it’s 15 times of boxing, another 15 for abs, and then another 15 for legs. It’s getting a full mas workout, while keeping it fun.

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Fox News: What are three enjoyable facts our readers should know about you?
Heinen: I love to coat on canvas. I don’t recollect a lot of people know that. I’m very creative, so that’s something I love to do during my free time. Another merriment detail is I have three French bulldogs that I pretty much hang out with all day. And another one, I’m really boring. I don’t suck. I don’t inhale. I booze tea all day. People ever think that as a pattern, you have this crazy living and you’re invariably partying. I’m the very opposite of that. I like to be home with my pups and decorate. And because I’m from[ the Netherlands] “theyre saying”,’ Oh, it was necessary to smoke weed! ’ I don’t actually. No.

Fox News: What’s the most unconscionable concept you’ve ever had to do for a good photo?
Heinen: I went to Iceland about two months ago and it was about 40 stages. It was freezing. I was half-naked pretty much. Wearing relatively limited invests, like always. And I had to be in the liquid. It was so cold. And hitherto you still had to look like you’re heated and cozy. That for me was really crazy. So far, I haven’t jumped out of a plane or shoot with snakes. I actually wouldn’t do that because I’m scared of them. I did kill with a fowl, though.

Fox News: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve never heard?
Heinen : Oh God. There’s so many. The worst one that I actually detest the most is when a person comes up to you and he doesn’t know what to say, so he’ll lead,’ Are you a simulation? ’ It’s like, they don’t just knowing that else to say. It’s so annoying because it establishes it awkward when you go,’ Yes, I am.’ I hate that one.

Then they ask a whole bunch of questions like,’ What do you simulate for, invests? ’ Well yeah, what else? I don’t know, I simply dislike when they expect that because when you say yes, they get really impressed and want to know everything.

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Fox News: Take us back to that day “when youre” killing your first GUESS campaign.
Heinen : It was super recreation. I hit the jean expedition and I also did lingerie. We were killing in a house and I remember it was really cold, despite that it was in California. It was rainy, exactly my fluke, right? But everyone was super nice and coldnes. Fox News : What was going through your psyche when you learnt the photos for the first time?
Heinen: I desired them! It’s amusing, when you do shoots all day, you have no project what the pictures look like or which ones did the gash. You’re just busy wielding and you don’t get to look at the screen too much. But I enjoyed the photos. I’m really happy with them. Certainly happy. It was so exciting and I was thrilled with the clothes, precisely everything.

Fox News : How did their own families react?
Heinen: My mummy desires them. She’s my biggest supporter. She always texts me right away … GUESS was one of those labels we all grew up with in our little town. So it was obviously a big deal for everyone. Fox News : What’s next for you?
Heinen: Right now, I’m actually trying to focus on my career and only better myself. I don’t have one set purpose. I precisely to be expected that my job goes big and bigger … but in the future, I emphatically want to focus on my arts and interior design, eventually. But that’s down the line , not anytime soon. I genuinely want to voluntary at an animal shelter, but it’s so hard because of my schedule. But that’s still on my knowledge. As for sit, I desire it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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