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Google previews what’s next for Android Auto

Over the course of the last few days, Google teased a few modernizes to Android Auto, its platform for making its mobile operating system to the car. At its I/ O developer conference, the company indicated off what the next version of Android Auto will look like and how developers can start preparing their applications for it.

Earlier this week, Google announced that Volvo would construct Android Auto instantly into its brain components, obliging it one of the first car manufacturers to do so. Generally, Android Auto essentially reflects your telephone — with a special on-screen interface designed for the car. By improving Android Auto right into the car, you won’t need a phone. Instead, it’ll has become a stand-alone event and thanks to that, the car manufacturer are also welcome to give a number of tradition points or maybe even approval multiple screens.

As the Android Auto team noted during its I/ O conference, in-car screens are starting to get bigger and popping up in different sizes and aspect rations. At the same epoch, input methods are also progressing and while Google didn’t say so today, it sounds the team is looking at how it can support aspects like a touchpad in the car.

Unsurprisingly, the team is now looking at how it can progress the Android Auto UI to better support these different screens. As the team pictured in today’s hearing, that could represent applying a wide-screen display in the car to establish both the Google Maps interface and a media actor side-by-side.

Developers won’t have to do anything to support these brand-new screen sizings and input mechanisms since the Android Auto programme will simply manage that for them.

The brand-new conception design for a built-in Android Auto experience the company established today examines quite a bit like its integration with Volvo. It relies on a large horizontal screen and a user interface that is deeply integrated with the rest of the car’s functions.

” The point of these principles is to adapt Android Auto’s designing to a vehicle-specific theme ,” Google’s Lauren Wunderlich said in today’s session.” This includes additional ergonomic details and gestures to the vehicle’s interior design .”

As part of today’s preview, Google showcased a few new boasts, including an improved pursuing event, which developers will have to support in their apps. This new experience will allow developers to group ensues by groups, answer playlists and albums in a music app, for example( and interest, Google largely foreground Spotify as a music app in today’s period and not its own Google Play Music work ).

Google too promises a better messaging event with is supportive of the new RCS guideline.

Google is also introducing a couple of brand-new user interface points in the media player like an explicit content alert and an icon that lets you see when a playlist has been downloaded to your device, for example.

But Google likewise briefly demonstrated a slither with a few more components on its roadmap for Android P in the car. Those include support for thoughts like integratings between motorist auxiliary the mechanisms and Maps data, for example, as well as ways to suspend Android Auto to RAM for, I presuppose, the built-in version.

Google hasn’t shared any precise digits that would allow us to quantify the notoriety of Android Auto, but the team told us that “thousands of apps” now support the scaffold, a number that’s up 200 percent since last year. As more car manufacturers corroborate it, the number of overall users has also increased and the team today reported over 300 percent used proliferation in the last year.

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