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Gaddafi insider accused of using commonwealth money to buy indulgence Scottish hotels

Libyan attorneys expect UK officials for help in investigating demands Ali Ibrahim Dabaiba laundered proceeds of larceny in England and Scotland

Scottish police are investigating demands by Libyan permissions that a potent is part of Muammar Gaddafis inner circle exploited money intend for infirmaries and house to buy indulgence inns in the Highlands and a string of multimillion pound homes.

The accusations were stimulated in confidential documents to be presented to Scotlands lord advocate in a request for legal assistance by the Libyan attorney general in 2014. Extracts of these have been shown to the Guardian.

One of an elite group of Gaddafi insiders known as companions of the president, Ali Ibrahim Dabaiba is supposed by Libyan attorneys of embezzling millions from public stores during his two decades as heads of state of the two countries major infrastructure commission.

Dabaiba may have awarded contracts worth more than 200 m to companies that he eventually limited, Libyan attorneys claim. They allege he then laundered the proceeds in England and Scotland. They say he may have been helped by his sons, two brothers, and a group of British identifies based in Dunfermline, near Edinburgh.

The Dabaiba family have rejected the allegations as baseless. They maintain that “thats really not” under investigation in Libya, and their solicitor demands they are not wanted by any judicial, financial or protection organizations. Their suspect identifies did not respond to repeated is asking for comment.

Companies the Dabaibas appear to control, according to Libyan attorneys, have invested in at least six prestigious owneds in England with a current appreciate of more than 25 m. In London these include a 16.5 m flat in Mayfair, a 1m flat in Marylebone, a 7m house in Hampstead; Land Registry accounts also testify two 1m homes in Surrey.

Dabaibas salary at ODAC was equivalent to merely 12,000 a year. His stated earnings were no longer, according to Libyan attorneys, sufficient to allow him to own these properties.

Officers from Police Scotlands serious organised crime fraction are understood to be actively seeking their own investigation. A Scottish Crown Office spokesman added: We can confirm we have received a request for mutual legal assistance from the Libyan permissions. As this is about an ongoing investigation it would not be appropriate to comment further.

Ali Dabaiba, left, with his son Osama. Picture: Facebook

Dabaiba ran the Organisation for Development of Administrative Centres( ODAC) for two decades until moving to London in 2011, the year Gaddafi was toppled and killed. During that time, ODAC wasted an estimated 28 bn of public money on construct jobs in the oil-rich state.

In his request for assistance from Scotland, the recently retired attorney general Abdulkader Radwan claimed huge amounts of money may well be illegally transferred to the banks in Britain and Scotland. His attorneys were investigating whether Dabaiba had participated in larceny of public money, money laundering, clandestine amplification and mistreating public officials position.

The datum initially came to light-colored through the Panama Papers. A system of more than 100 business in the British Virgin Islands( BVI ), Malta, Liechtenstein and Britain connected to the Dabaibas and their believed identifies has been identified by resource trackers appointed by the Libyan authority. More than 40 of them are in Scotland.

Dabaibas believed resources include the 500 -year-old Kenmore hotel on the banks of the river Tay, which claims to be Scotlands oldest tavern. The Kenmore is managed by the Aurora Hotel Collection, a small but changing portfolio of boutique Scottish inns.

Coolbillboards, which targets posters on trucks for Morrisons and Homebase, is among a number of businesses in Britain which Libyan attorneys also suppose may eventually belong to Dabaiba.

The request for assistance regimes Kenmores restraining business, Coolbillboards and the Aurora group may contain resources belonging to the State of Libya.

Aurora and Coolbillboards did not respond to requests for comment.

On the British registry of fellowship heads, Dabaiba has given as his London address an sumptuous five-bedroom residence at Lowndes Court, a short promenade from Harrods in Knightsbridge. It was advertised for sale in 2013 at 16.5 m. The apartment has been owned for at least five years a BVI company called Panthino Property SA.

An owned agent image of the Lowndes Court apartment. Picture: Zoopla

BVI regulators forwarded information to Libyan attorneys in November 2013 which presented an individual called Ali Dabaiba of Misrata, Libya, was the beneficial proprietor on Panthino.

The fellowship is also listed on the Land Registry as having paid 2.9 m for a period separated house in Prince Arthur Road in Hampstead in 2006. The owned has a market value of 7m today.

Libyan attorneys claim a Liechtenstein entity called Cirrus Establishment is also eventually controlled by the family. Cirrus is a former parent company of Coolbillboards. Harmonizing to the Land Registry it previously owned a plush London apartment at Dorset House, Gloucester Place, in Marylebone, which Dabaibas son Al handed as his address in fellowship filings. And in 2014 the Land Registry presents Cirrus bought two large homes in Surrey valued at 1m each.

Dabaiba was also found by Libyan attorneys to have acquired a owned in an imposing terrace on the upmarket Heriot Row in Edinburgh in 1998, compensating 475,000, before selling it in 2006 for more than 1m.

Radwans word quoth a number of believed impostors, including suspect overpayments for improving house units.

Later in 2014 his district communicated a longer 76 -page dossier, compiled by a unit of resource trackers including New York-based investigator Ann Marlowe on behalf of the Libyan litigation department.

The dossier also calls for help in investigating taxpayer-funded bargains worth more than 437 m Libyan dinars( now 225 m) for consultancy work on hospital and archaeology jobs in Libya, allegedly awarded in 2008 by Dabaiba to business controlled by twinned brethren Malcolm and Andrew Flinn and their associate Steven Turnbull, who operate from country offices at Dunfermline.

Leptis Magna, 75 miles east of Tripoli. Picture: Youssef Boudlal/ Reuters

The heads appear to have little or no know-how in these sectors.

Filings testify Marco Polo Storica, a Scottish fellowship awarded two contracts for scheduling regaining work on ancient Greek and Roman places along the Libyan coast, was originally wholly owned by the Flinns, whose background is in bank; Turnbull, who is a business alumnu; and Walter Calesso, an Italian living in Scotland whose previous operate was in interior design, according to a biography he posted on one company website. Calesso is called as the signatory for the ODAC contracts, as is Dabaiba.

The Libyan legal assistance request demands: It is likely that Marco Polo Storica was set up to misappropriate Libyan state stores in violation of both Libyan and Scots law and involves investigation.

The same allegation is make use of Evergreen Consulting Ltd, based in Malta. Part owned by Calesso, the Flinns and Turnbull, in agreement with the Libyan litigation department, from 2008 until 2010, Evergreen signed six contracts with ODAC for supervising construction work on a series of hospitals.

In UK company filings, Turnbull and the Flinns appear as directors and stockholders in dozens of anxieties. Of these companies, 35 shared the same address: 16 Comely Park in Dunfermline.

The Libyan attorneys allegation: In many, if not all, of these companies, they appear to be acting in some capability on behalf of Ali Ibrahim Dabaiba.

The Flinn brethren, Turnbull and Calesso did not respond to requests for comment.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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