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Drive Bob Marley’s 1976 Range Rover at This Celeb-Packed Jamaican Resort

Jon Baker wears a lot of hats.

Hes one of Jamaicas most respected hoteliers, as the co-founder of Geejam Collection. His flagship, Geejam Hotel, doubles as a recording studio and celebrity hotspot frequented by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Drake, and John Legend( among many others ).

Photographer: Wil Kaner

Hes likewise an interior design enthusiast who has taken on the restoration and opening up of Audrey Hepburns favorite villa in Port Antonioan addition to Geejam thats just opened up for official bookings.

Hes a music industry legend as the founder of Gee Street Records, helping develop the careers of Doug E. Fresh and P.M. Dawn.

And if that werent enough , now hes wearing a dramatically different hat: vintage car repairman.

Photographer: Wil Kaner

Baker insisting that his latest announcing was long lying dormant in his DNA. I had a very interesting upbringing in London, he told Bloomberg from his resort in Port Antonio. My mum was a relatively well-known fashion designer in London in the ‘6 0s, and my father would restore gondolas and take them to auction.

So after years of using his mothers design influence in his hotel jobs, Baker had an epiphany. Why not restore some of Jamaicas prized classic carsmany of which have fallen into horrible disrepairand retain a piece of small island developing biography while including an amenity for his hard-to-impress guests?

Bob Marley’s 1976 Range Rover .

Now Baker is reinstating a fleet of 13 vintage carsincluding Bob Marleys two-door Range Rover, a 1991 Alfa Romeo once owned by a Miss World beauty queen, a 1968 Austin Healey 3000, and a 1963 E Type Jaguar 3.8 Series 1 Roadsterwhich hell offer up to guests who want to take day trips to nearby picnic smudges or to Blue Mountains National Park.

As a first-time player in the car infinite, Baker is speedy to hedge on his efforts. Were not restoring them to concourse caliber, he replied. Were believers in a nice-condition old-time auto. We cant take off every nut and thunderbolt and re-chrome it. But we are in a position acquire these gondolas drivable again.

Clockwise from top left: 1978 Fiat 124, 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider, Jaguar XJ 1991, 1972 E Type Jaguar V12 Roadster .
Source: Geejam

To compensate for his inexperience in modernizing vehicles, Baker hired Steve James, a British mechanic who specializes in vintage cars, so you can drive these elegances without were concerned that theyll break down again. So far, the pair has totally rehabilitated five vehicles: two Alfa Romeo Spiders from 1989 and 1991, a 1967 Mercedes SL Sports Pagoda, a 1971 Mercedes 300 SEL 3.5, and a 1988 Escort Cabriolet XR3 i. Youll have to wait at least a year to drive Bob Marleys Range Rover, though.

Photographer: Wil Kaner

Of course, the pedals can be yours to enjoy if you are work into one of Geejams suites or villas. And if youre planning a trip-up, youd do best to focus on the newly redone, four-bedroom Panorama villa, which was a beloved vacation spot for Audrey Hepburn and her sons in the 1980 s. Its the first addition to being able to Geejam since Baker “re opening the” sprawling six-bedroom Cocosan villa a year and a half ago.

Baker refurbished Panorama himself with the help of Vidal Dowding, a 30 -year-old architect whom he describes as Jamaicas most important up-and-comer.( The duet likewise teamed up to create the critically acclaimed Trident Hotel in 2012.) Together, they contributed a full spa and gym; locally-made furniture by Atelier Vidal; antique articles by Eames, Saarinen, and Tucci; and a kitchen thats big enough for in-house cook classes.

Photographer: Wil Kaner

The four bedrooms are decked out in a minimalist, white-on-white form thats accented by popping artincluding an Andy Warhol portrait of Liz Taylor and one of Jamie Reid’s God Save the Queen magazines. And theres a magnificent consortium overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Thankfully , none of it was affected by Hurricane Matthew, which seemed to be barreling straight toward the island where reference is acquired its direction through the Caribbean.

geejam-hotel-bloomberg-cocosan-0 5

The whole Panorama villa leases out for a minimum of $3,500 a nighttime( rates can increase, is dependent on seasonality ), and guests are required to stay for at least five nighttimes. The six-bedroom Cocosan villa, which shares a similar aesthetic( if not the same glamorous connection to Hepburn) starts at $4,500 per night.

There are only two reasons to leave these villas: to go to the hotel’s private beach, which is a short hanging in there, and to enjoy the company of Geejams famously stylish gang. The resort is instants from the villas on foot, but guests can also be whizzed over by a driver.

Actually, make it three concludes. The villas do come with access to those magnificent vintage cars, after all. And as Baker threw it: Driving around Jamaica in an old-time convertible what more could you crave?

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