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Douglas Coupland:’ I’m actually at my happiest when I’m writing on an aircraft’

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The last-place battalion of UK-made cigarettes has wheeled off the production line at the JTI plant in County Antrim.

Japanese firm JTI took over Gallaher in 2007, and announced the closure of its Ballymena flower in 2014.

More than 800 people were employed at the factory, the closure of which was seen as a major blow to the neighbourhood economy.

The last-place cigarette plant in England, Imperial Tobacco’s Horizon factory in Nottingham, discontinued running last May.

When the Horizon factory closed, league officers blamed the growing stigma of smoking, and the industry’s drive to new sells in the Far East.

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The announcement of the closure of the JTI Ballymena plant coincided with the introduction of new plain parcel patterns. It was symptomatic of society’s changing panoramas of smoking.

In a statement, a spokesperson for JTI said: “JTI would like to extend its deepest thanks to all current and past members of the Lisnafillan factory team for their dedication over its first year and their continued commitment and professionalism until the very end of yield.

“We would like to wishes to receive and their families well for the future.”

Interstate 15, Las Vegas. Image: George Rose/ Getty Images

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